Morgan City Martial Arts

On May 1st 2004, Steve Miller will be promoting an amateur MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing event in Morgan City, Louisiana.

All who know Steve Miller, know him to be one of the most devoted proponents of the Martial arts that we have.

Steve, aside from being a champion martial artist, is a great guy, friend, trainer, and promoter.

Come out on May 1st, and support this event, as it is sure to become one of the best of its kind.

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Come on UG!! Please lend a hand in keepint this thread up!! Steve deserves all of the props that we can give!!


who is fighting?

We have a lot of local guys boxing and kickboxing. Some guys from your neck of the woods Kyle. Some of Russell's guys in Baton Rouge. we've also got Chris Rockwell vs Shane Blair in MMA. we are also looking for another couple of amateur MMA fights as well.
also, this aint the Fight Club!!

Thanks Jeff!!

Any time my friend!!

yeah I know it wasnt Fight Club. I remember you had an event a while back and I think Kieth Strickland fought on it maybe.

I moved to Slidell to train now so I am not with the Baton Rouge scene anymore. I still talk to Chris Seifert and Mike Gordon and a couple of my buddies that fight around there, but not too much anymore.

Keith was supposed to fight but we (me and Mike Gordon)couldnt agree on an opponent. I think he's making his MMA debut soon. anyway, we have a few guys from Russell's place. Bryan Covington, Hank Hamilton and Steve Mancuso for sure.
I know you're training with Rich now. Do you think any of those guys (amateur) would be interested?

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Z Dawg Blair

cool, I know Hank and Steve very well. Hank is a banger who hits and kicks very hard, and Steve has some great boxing skills. Tell those guys I said whats up if I am not able to attend.

I dont know if anyone is interested, you would have to ask Rich. Shoot him an email at or call him at 985-768-0411

Hank is definately a banger. he is rematching one of my guys. they fought at Russell's a month or so ago. My guy won a decision but was hurting for a few days.



hope to see everyone there

come on out everyone! I gaurantee a good time!

who do you have on the card thus far?

we've got more boxing and kickboxing matches right now. we've got Jason Johnson fighting Steve Mancuso in a boxing match. Chris Rockwell and Shane Blair (MMA). Hank and Daniel Shaughnessy (kickboxing). we've got a few more fights set. still looking for an MMA fight or two.