Morgan Freeman PSA for getting the vaccine

Remember, plebeians, Hollywood celebrities know what’s best for you!!!

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Glad I don’t take advice from “male” senior citizens with earrings. Wasn’t that old pervert accused of banging his step-grandaughter or some shit?


He looks like he aged 100 years. Must be from the vax

Cool, maybe now the OG will stop posting his video on getting rid of Racism now since he is for the vaccine.

If he was sincere in questioning why people listen to him he would not then go on to tell people to do what he says. He would tell them to not care so much what he has to say and do their own research.

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I’m all for it so long as Morgan agrees to sign my 10 million dollar 10 year liability waiver.

He trusts the word “science” so I know he’ll do it.

Fuck that grand daughter fucker. I hate his fuckin pedo voice now

He and Harrison Ford should start an earring line for elderly faggots


Because if one agrees with someone on one issue, they must agree with that person on all issues?

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No. I was going for of a “issues are often deeper then that”.

Hopefully he took the Hank Aaron shot

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I like Morgan Freeman as an actor but he can certainly take his medical advice and stick it in his butthole sideways. He’s as qualified to give medical advice as Huey Lewis or Carrot Top, but he’s right that somehow idiots will still go get the “vaccine” because he told them to and he’s been trained to sound like he cares. He gets paid to pretend, and he’s pretending to give a shit about you!

Celebrities can fuck off. I don’t need their opinions in my life.

Still getting vaccinated. Don’t really give a shit what anyone else thinks about it.

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Because “science” is always final and never ever proven wrong.

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LOL at celebrities. YouTube and the Internet has made them irrelevant. I don’t even know who the new celebrities are and I am very glad with that.

They are useless, fuck em’!