Moriarty Advances to GQ on 5/22

Chris Moriarty of Alliance BJJ/Team Jacare advances to the Grapplers Quest Team USA Trials on Saturday, May 22, in Bayonne, NJ.

Moriarty defeated Bill Vucick of Team Vucick by triangle in the SPRAWL Super Fight at the Kumite Classic on Saturday, May 8.

The BJJ purple belt received a SPRAWL package, which included a pair of SPRAWL loose-fit shorts, a long sleeve SPRAWL shirt, a SPRAWL beanie and a SPRAWL sport towel in addition to a super fight belt from the Kumite Classic.

Congratulations to Moriarty and thank you to Vucick for accepting the match.


u mean he didn't win the showcase showdown???

congrats kris

Can't believe he won by triangle.... Congrats Moriachi!

"Can't believe he won by triangle.... Congrats Moriachi! "

You got to be kidding? Of course thats how he won

Congrats Cabe├žao

Congrats Chris!!!

Dustin Ware

Joseph Cunliffe,

Any other results?

Thx... I know Chris appreciates the support. More results to follow!

Congratulations Chris!

Is that a Brazilian nickname for Moriarty?

Chris is an excellent grappler, a nice kid and a great representive of
what grappling in the South is about!

Gumby is correct... and THX for the sponsorship!!

Congrats Chris


Chris sings sometimes while sparring

Chris sparring?

Illuminati - it was a joke man. I get caught by him 20x a nite in the triangle.

TTT for Cabecao

I guess once he gets the position the submission is inevitable.

he has a very sick triangle.