Morning show VACCINE MELTDOWN argument

Both those women had more balls than the men

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Cathy Newman posts on the OG!


He’s given his thoughts… 1001 times already. Discuss it with your personal doctor. Figure out with him/her what’s the best course of action for you.

Nothing to do with you EFM but I’m sort of shocked at how Mataleo can say talk to your personal doctor and people react like he’s speaking French. “But but but the TV told me…”. Anyone who got the vaccine without consulting their person physician is an idiot and a fool.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been so off-put by the absolute insanity over the past year and a half, its really refreshing to see the bullshit beginning to crumble. I was beginning to think the future revisionist history of the pandemic would forever protect the validity of this shitshow. I don’t think those responsible will be punished accordingly but I’m stoked that sanity and truth are beginning to make an appearance in the mainstream.


As usual, the guy rambles on with attacks on how “irresponsible” she is and do not address the points she is making.

Wow, such emotional children arguing with her. “WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!” and “Don’t you care about grandma??”

How about addressing the points she actually made… This is textbook liberal arguing strategy, go full emotional and talk over your opponent.


Hey guys did you hear the vaccine mak s you magnetic??

Fuck, I’ve been following his stuff for a while but I haven’t heard a lot of this info before.

Totally insane. I guess the general public will hear about some of this in 3 years or so?

So, what you’re saying is that if I get the vax, I can fight the Wolverine??

Count Me In American Horror Story GIF by AHS

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England is an isle full of gits

I’d give her the jab she’s hot and sassy

Best rat tail in all England it is, guv’na! Oi!