Morning Training

FYI, Pat and I are going to be at Spartan this week, MWF, at 6:30 AM. Probably training for an hour or so.

Anybody who wants to show up, come on.

Yeah right, I've heard about the "morning training" sessions. I'll get up, have a gallon of coffee, and run a mile to warm my old butt up, and no one will show!!

You should show Phillip. We'll both be there.


you need to call me pat!i didn't know you were gonna be up this morning.marcus told me he couldn't make it lastnight but let me know for wednesday for sure!

Bump reminder for everyone. Pat and I will be there 6:30 AM. Everyone's welcome.


Anyone up for training at 6:30 in the AM this Wed & Fri? (10/31 & 11/2)

Joey, Pat, Hiza? Anyone???

I'm there; first pro fight coming up quick. Call me.

I don't have your number!! Hit me up at 99-44-33-0

OK, I've tried, but... now I'm laughing. Even if these guys are real, that's way TOO much to bear.

i will be there in the morning

Crap, I've got a hearing in court tomorrow morning. Anyone who can, PLEASE come beat me up at Samuel's tomorrow around 11.

Usual deal. Spartan, 6:30 AM. Wed (11/7) and Fri (11/9). Anybody game?


11 sounds good. I have court in the early morning.

F you guys!

Pat, you're my only hope!

LOL! I love you, Keith! Maybe Friday.

Oh well. Forget it. I'm going to sleep. I won't be there in the morning. I'll go run or something.

So anybody up for training in the early AM tommorrow(Fri 11/9)? I might be able to get free later in the day as well.