Morning wood + having too pee real bad

Worst ever. What do you guys do to quickly soften him up? Phone Post

just do handstands, like a real man should

Gotta just stand up and walk around for a few mins. I wouldn't force the piss. It's bad form. Phone Post

Visit the "Black Strippers" thread and stare at the first pic.

Just stand in the shower and let it flow wherever it wants Phone Post

Uncle Rukus - Just stand in the shower and let it flow wherever it wants Phone Post


Sagiv Lapkin -

That is awesome. I think most men can relate to this. Phone Post 3.0

Sagiv Lapkin - 

I kind of do the bottom right one, but with one hand on my cock...

Shit while you're in there, too. Poke the big chunks through the drain hole with your toes.

Three point shot , no arch Phone Post 3.0

Why is it bad to piss hard? Phone Post 3.0

You just described me half an hour ago. Phone Post 3.0

MDF tm - I piss upside down into my mouth Phone Post 3.0

Use a Gatorade bottle. Save some for later.

i take on knee like i'm doing the toilet doggystyle. 75% accurate

God didn't give the wife or a girlfriend a mouth for no reason. Phone Post 3.0


Having to take a shit bad and piss with morning wood is even worse. Wtf do you do then?

Boners are like women... They won't go away when you want them do, but as soon as you wrap them in a plastic bag they die.

The worse experience I ever had was waking up with this and having to shit the same time. My body couldn't figure out what to do so it freaked out and convulse both at the same time. Very painful. Phone Post 3.0