Morrison not doing MMA.

Saturday, June 09, 2007 - by Ken Pishna -

As questions arose in the past 24 hours about the validity of former heavyweight boxing champion Tommy Morrison's negative HIV-test results, the media swirl hasn't dissuaded John Stover from participating in a bout with Morrison tonight at Cliff Castle Casino on a reservation in Camp Verde, Arizona. The bout is advertised as Morrison's mixed martial arts debut under the promotional banner of Worldwide Fighting Championship.

Morrison tested positive for HIV prior to a boxing match in Nevada 11 years ago, a test that he believes was a false positive, and for all intents and purposes, his career as a professional boxer was over. The recent negative tests allowed him to resume his boxing career earlier this year in West Virginia.

In comments to, Stover stated that although there are a lot of people questioning the test results, no proof has been disclosed, but he has been shown paperwork that verifies the negative test result claims of Morrison's team. So it appears that he is moving forward with the bout.

In comments to MMAWeekly, promoter Peter McKinn, who is a partner with Worldwide Fighting Championship owner Gino Carlucci for tonight's event, stated, "I know that all the paperwork that I have seen is zero-negative."

In reference to Randy Lang, the man who is Morrison's former agent and brought the claims of falsified tests to light, McKinn said, "He did all the research, all the paperwork, to get the blood work and licensing done."

According to McKinn, it was Lang that handled the licensing process for Morrison, but all the while misrepresented himself as an attorney. "He presented it and did a great job and did everything properly. It's just sad that this guy turned out to not be an attorney."

A report by Norm Frauenheim of The Arizona Republic indicated Lang, McKinn, and John Montano of the Arizona State Boxing Commission witnessed the HIV-tests.

Skimmed over by all of the controversy surrounding the HIV testing is the fact that this bout is being promoted as Morrison's mixed martial arts debut, but MMAWeekly sources indicate that the rules more closely resemble kickboxing than mixed martial arts.

Sources told MMAWeekly that Stover's contract states in large, bold print that "THIS IS A STRIKING MATCH ONLY, NO GROUND." An integral part of mixed martial arts that separates it from both boxing and kickboxing is the aspect of the ground game being included. With takedowns and submissions (otherwise known as "the ground") removed from the rules, the bout can hardly be considered mixed martial arts.

When questioned about the rules of the bout McKinn stated, "I don't know anything about those contracts at all. I don't know anything about MMA. I told Gino [Carlucci] that I'd never question MMA because I don't really know anything about it."

Worldwide Fighting Championship owner Gino Carlucci had not returned phone calls at the time of publication.

All of this hooplah, and it turns out to be a kickboxing match.

I'm sure the clinching is restricted.

Some of Butterbean's early MMA had some secret rules too.

How much can this nothing show be paying Morrison?


lol. Who in their right mind would take a striking only match with Tommy Gunn with 4oz gloves? Son of a bitch, that guy might get killed.

"A kickboxing match with elbows, 4oz gloves, and unrestricted clinching would not look much different from a lot of MMA matches. "


Quoting Tommy Morrison (From Interview in 1993)
Tommy was asked by a reporter as he trained for his fight against 10 -1 fighter Micheal Bentt, a fight he took prior to having a shot at the heavyweight title..

REPORTER: "So Tommy, what is going to happen if you get beat by Michael Bentt?"

MORRISON: "I have better chance of growing an asshole in the middle of my forehead than getting beat by Michael Bentt!!!"

Bentt Knocked Morrison out in the first round!!

It wouldn't surprise me if Morrison gets beat by this guy..

Butterbean rules I see.

He has HIV and wants special rules, fuck this guy.

I would prefer to see Morrison in a special rules fight to begin with. It will be more entertaining than watching some B grade MMA guy take him down and lay on him for 3 rounds.

Hybrid rule bouts are a great way to bring combatants from other sports into the MMA realm.

Remember Crocop vs Silva 1?

"He has HIV and wants special rules, fuck this guy"

well he does have HIV so nobody should want to fuck him let alone fight him.

"He has HIV and wants special rules, fuck this guy"

He doesnt have HIV.

"Morrison should be fighting Ray Mercer. "

Let Morrison fight the winner of Kimbo vs Mercer.

"Unfortunately, I do."

That was a great fight.