Morrison wil DESTROY cage fightrs!

I did not reelize that Tommy Morrison was going to be an ultimate fighter now. Even though he has been gone from the scene for a long time he will show every cage fighter what proper boxing technique means!

All this talk about him having HIV is just specualtion now. ESPN said he tested negative a long time ago. The only reason he wont be a cage fighting champion very soon will be becuase people use that as an excuse not to fight him.

Yesterday I wasn't sure. Today you've outed yourself.

You're a troll.

You can call me any name you want Cleopatra it doesnt change the facts that I am right!

lol that morrison has "proper boxing technique"

hey ECW, watch it buddy. In case you weren't aware of it, Tommy Morrison is John Wayne's nephew. The Duke would NOT look kindly on you using his image in ANY thread relating to his beloved nephew.

Tommy vs. Chuck in an all-standup up battle. Zuffa make it happen!

Morrison = ko by high kick

Has he passed a legit commission AIDS test, or only those he had paid for himself?

Enough of that bullshit. I can't believe some people are stupid enough to believe him. Morrison has HIV 100%.