Morrowind 2011

Stopped playing Morrowind way back in the day when Oblivion came out, but damn if it doesn't remain one of my fondest gaming experiences.

Fast forward to this cat who organized a bunch of Morrowind mods, including one HELL of a graphics improvement, into one package (about 4 gigs).

May have to dust off the old discs and re-install it. I bet I won't be the only one here ;-)

nice. gotta love mods that bring an almost 10 year old game back to life.

I still play Oblivion to this day, would play Morrowind but it was compatable to my 360 lol.

Morrowmind smashes Oblivion into the ground!! :D

dang Ry, don't you have a PC? You can get Morrowmind Game of the Year edition for cheap.

Funny how some folks have drawn a parallel between Morrowind and Fallout 3 on one side, and Oblivion and Fallout: New Vegas on the other - the first two emphasize more random exploration and just walking around, while the other two (likely in response to weak storylines in the earlier games) have more scripted sequences and fewer random exploration opportunities...

Not saying one or the other is better, just that it is certainly possible someone could strongly prefer one over the other in spite of the 95% of stuff that's similar...

RPGs are sort of "my thing." They are definitely the genre of gaming I like the most.

With that in mind, though, whenever I hear people talk about how epic Morrowind was, I feel like that kid that is stuck inside the house sick while he looks outside at all the other kids playing in the snow and having fun...

I played Morrowind, and I liked it quite a bit, I did play it for probably 90+ hours. But I've never seen it as this classic/epic, historical RPG I hear people refer to it as. It's been so long since I've played it though, that I can't necessarily single out the reasons I didn't care for it... I just know it hasn't gone down in my mind as an all-time great. I don't feel it has anything to do with the exploration vs structured encounters thing None So Blind touched on.

One of the things that I did enjoy about Morrowind in comparison to Oblivion, however, is that the landscape/scenery and architecture was quite varied throughout the land. Oblivion is a bit one-dimensional in this category. At least until Shivering Isles.

Yeah, there's definitely some "good old days" bias flavoring the praise for Morrowind ;-) But still, I just finished New Vegas, and I re-installed Morrowind and tried it for ~15 minutes before getting called away, and there was definitely something there that I didn't get from New Vegas.

In an entertainment realm where things are dead and passe after 2-3 years, that says something to me....

Morrowind is my favorite game ever because of the freedom to customize and power-up your character, which is the best thing about RPGs to me. To be able to do anything. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their skeleton warriors and gelatinous cubes.

I can level my acrobatics to 100 and jump straight onto the roof of a 2-story building. I can max all my skills to 100, then still gain levels for my character and attributes by temporarily increasing the base attribute for a skill past 100, then buying training from the Secret Master of that skill. I can enchant every article of clothing with Constant Effect magic so that I am 100% camouflaged and 100% resistant to magic at all times. Hat, shoes, pants, shirt, robe, belt, rings, necklace, armor, all of it. I can put on the Boots of Blinding Speed, which don't blind me because I am 100% resistant to magic, and then I can run across the entire map in a couple of minutes with a speed of 300.

I can cast spells, or use enchanted items which cast spells, or buy scrolls, or make the scrolls myself from paper and soul gems with souls that I captured myself from enemies, or I can pick flowers in the woods and mix those ingredients into magic potions.

I can become the head of the Fighter's Guild, the Mage's Guild, the Thieves' Guild, and/or the Assassin's Guild. Or I don't even have to join any of those to complete the main storyline!

The only thing I can't do in Morrowind is get tired of playing it. I still haven't visited every spot on the map. But I could start a new character today and play it for another 100 hours. One time I killed Vivec on Day 3 of game time. I probably could have gotten that old corprus dwarf to unlock the artifact and skipped the entire main quest to beat the game in less than a week of game time, but I was having too much fun doing other things.

i cant remember, but did Morrowmind have the absolutely ridiculously dumb leveling system that Oblivion had?

No, in Morrowind you select 10 major/minor skills. Any 10 increases in those levels makes your character level up once. You could level Short Sword 10 times, or 10 different skills once each. But you get an attribute bonus depending on which skills you leveled; if you level skills that are based on Endurance, you can get a +2 or +3 if you select Endurance on your level-up screen. I usually try to use one skill per level to get the bonus, and then use the other point for Luck because that never gets any bonuses so you should never skip it if you can help it.

For instance, I always include Alchemy as a major or minor skill, and then something that's easy to buy training for early in the game like Short Sword, because the Secret Master for that is in the inn in Balmora and she can train you up to level 100. So I go to Balmora, take the Mage's Guild teleport to Caldera, steal an alchemy set from upstairs, then go back to Balmora and start buying ingredients from shops and mixing up Fatigue and Health potions. Buy saltrice and whatever else, bread or eggs (although eggs will make your potions heavy as fuck, yes the weight of the potion is based on the weight of the ingredients and you won't be able to carry as many potions), then mix the potions, then sell them back to the merchant, then buy more and mix more. Pretty soon you will be ready to level up from all that Alchemy, and you'll also be leveling your Mercantile skill from bartering while you buy and sell. Then you also have a supply of potions to help you in battle, and you take all that money from selling potions and buy 10 levels in Short Sword, go to sleep and level up, buy 10 more levels, rinse and repeat.

But I think the best place to buy herbs is downstairs at the temple because he has marshmerrow and wickwheat and corkbulb for healing potions. Saltrice also goes in them but you can get that anywhere.

Morrowind 2011 looks better than Oblivion!

Morrowind was the first open-ended game I played & it blew my mind.

I heard the guy who made this collaboration got sued for releasing it by Bethesda? Apparently they may have plans of re-releasing morrowind or something down the line.

Again i only read this somewhere, might just be rumors.

I heard he also ran into problems with mod creators that felt he was taking credit of their work.

Nah, just that several of the modders who made the mods got pissy and asked for the torrent to be removed from all the sites. Keep in mind it's simply a batch of a bunch of mods, and all the guy contributed was a page or three on how to get all the mods to play nice together (not an easy feat, mind you). The modders got pissed because he didn't put their names in the batch title or some such, although some also complained that he never asked them if he could put their mod in his batch.

Tough shit, IMHO - you put it out there for free, the guy added it to a batch and listed your name and your site as credit - that seems pretty reasonable to me.

Oh, yeah - the official Morrowind forums banned the guy due to complaints by the modders - nothing more, nothing less - since he didn't sell the 2011 batch, he's not in trouble by any means.

 Morrowind is definitely one of the best games ever made. I just loved going into a cave or something and genuinely not knowing what I would find. Oblivion is an achievement but all that levelling crap took the fun out of it, I mean finding Dwemer boots that could make you fly was exhilirating, it wasn't just 'oh look another +1 to my resistance to homosexual advances' or whatever.

A little story to show my wonder at Morrowind. In Dagon Fel I journeyed through some weird labyrinth and found a viking style ship in an underground cave with all sorts of crazy treasure and was completely blown away. While taking in the beauty of this moment I noticed a ledge high above the ship. I threw on some flying boots checked it out and found some crazy looking Daedric helmet. Exploration was almost always rewared in Morrowind where it really wasn't in Oblivion.

so can i play morrowind on my 360?

^^^ no, or at least my copy of Morrowind did not play on my 360.

damn. my comp can't handle a game like that. that's a shame.

I've played Morrowind on the 360. Are you online so it can download the update for the game?

Just re-installed Oblivion for the third time. Just keep coming back.