Morrowind beginning pointers

Just got Morrowind for XBox (I'm cheap, I got the first version, not the GOTY version, I'll get that one later.)

I played it for about an hour, basically creating a character and fumbling around the first city. I gave that dude back his ring, then found his hiding spot and stole the ring back as well as all his loot, but I don't think I'm gonna give any of it to that other dude.

I'm kinda having trouble getting used to the controls, I'm not a very experienced gamer with this type of game. What pointers do you experienced players have for a newbie? I always love assassin characters so I went with the cat looking assassin, with the star of shadow thing for invisibility. I've only been in a couple brief fights so far and didn't really like it, but I think I read in the manual that you can change the camera angle so I might try playing from a different view (not very fond of first person view.)

So anyway, I welcome any tips or pointers about general gameplay, but I'm not really looking for spoilers, just tips. For instance, do I want to pick up everything I see? I seem to run into a lot of stuff in rooms, or out in the wild there seem to be tons of magical herbs and mushrooms and stuff. How do I know what's worth taking?

Jack up your theiving skills... you'll be able to get really great equipment this way and stealing from stores is waaaaaay too easy. If you're a good enough thief, you'll never have to worry about money in the game... By 10 hrs into the game, I had stolen more items than I could sell, and I had stolen the most powerful weapons and best armor (glass).

Specialize in ranged weapons. most monsters are close quarters, so if you have good enough speed, you can run circles around them and pick them off. I basically played the game like a FPS.

Stick with the stealth theme. It's your best bet. Eventually try and make yourself an item with invisibility enchanted into it and this way you can really pick your battles. I never bothered with learning any magic (outside of a couple of healing spells), and I basically domintated nearly every encounter when I was able to choose my fights and separate combatnats from reinforcements (again, if you go with the stealth thing).

Once you beef up a bit make your way to Gnisis. And from it start making your way to the little settlement up north Al something or other. If you go the right way you may run into a little pond where a woman asks you to get her a ring from the water. If you can resolve "complications" that arrise you will be set as far as stealing goes. Certain item makes you super thief/assasin. One of the most easy to get and off balanced items in the game.

Way down the road cheat. Go to the guy who lives in the tower by himself in the east part of the map and steal a certiain peace of armor from him. It gives you magic resistance. Then make your way west of aldurhan and get yourself boots of blinding speed by any means you see fit. Equip those items in correct order. Enjoy.

Balmora is my favorite place to store weapons, potins, alchemy supplies, etc. Many crates right in the court yard and you have 4 shops surrounding that area for you to sell/buy/rip off from.

What ever you do, listen to this: Do not use the shrine at Ghost Fence! I don't know why, but when you ask it for a blessing, it takes away certain items. I foundthis the case with several shrines, so I skip them completely. There's no reason to use a shrine. I lost Azura's Star that way.

And for God sakes, kill those blasted cliff racers for me! I hate those bastards!

oh yeah, I second getting the boots of blinding speed... the game is almost unplayable without them.

There are 7 shrines that take offerings. You have to visit each and it will automaticaly take away certain items. The shrine right next to Ghostfence takes away your soul gems. Before visiting it throw all your gems away but the very very cheapest. You have to visit all 7 to even attempt to join the temple faction or whetever the hell it's called.

If you people where playing PC version you could've modded cliff racers out. There were many many mods like that. There was also one that made cliffracers throw fireballs at you. Now that wasn't fun at all.

My favourit way to get around was actually a ring of jump. Ither pay to make one or make one of your own. Ring that does 2 second jump for as much as you can make it go. You'll be covering those jumps soo easy. At 100 jump you basicaly have little need for levitation and combined with the boots you can literaly jump over several load maps in one go. Keep an eye on your health thou. Them landings are not kind.

press black, white, black black then a then b
Now your invincible

press black, white, white, black , white, now you have unlimited magika.

I know its pretty shitty to use these cheats but damn i love never dying and always having magika

thanks for the tips so are some more specific questions..

how do I know who to kill? We decided to kill this farmer out in the wilderness because he was pissing us off, acting all uppity. But are we just supposed to kill people like that or is it going to come back to get us later? Is there any benefit to killing someone other than picking up what's in their pocket, which usually isn't much?

Also, what tips do you have for stealing? Go into sneak mode, then just snag what you want? I stole this thing worth 2400 from an alchemist, but no one seems to want to buy it back from us. We were testing stuff out so we tried again and this time he caught us and attacked us...we left the room and seems we were safe, but if we ever go back into the room the alchemist is going to attack us, no? So it seems it wouldn't be too wise to get all these people attacking us meaning we can never go back to that particular store.

Last thing for now, how to I improve my sneak skill? It doesn't seem to improve even if I walk around in sneak all day, but it seemed to improve when I went invisible (sign of the shadow).

Big Pun is correct.

I never finish games anyway, I don't have any delusions of actually 'finishing' the game. I just play for the joy of playing it. If I get several hours of fun play out of it, it's worth it to me.

Coolest thing I've done so far is to kill a couple fish in the water and I didn't dispose of the corpse, so you can swin right up and see into their mouths, it's pretty scary. They die in mid attack so they look scary.

I've played Morro exclusively for 3-4 month with diff chars doing different things before it ever occured to me to try and complete the main quest. Plus the game doesn't really stop afterwards. You can fininsh main quest first and the go kick ass all over the place becoming the Leader of a house master of guilds etc.

bradu you can kill homever you damn please. All you risk is loosing quests pretty much. If you kill someone alongside main quests you'll get a little message saying you just messed up your destiny. You can still kill the boss thou, but it gets more complex. There is no benefit in killing besides equipment and such so you might as well stick to the Fauna. There is plenty around to dice.

If you get caugh stealing you'll have raward on your head. If law enforcement catches you you'll ither have to kill them. Pay the fine and loose all stolen goods ( even the ones you weren't caught stealing ). Or go to Jail. And once you piss people all they stay that way untill they are dead. I once hit one of the stiltrider drivers. In Balmora of all places. Saved my game. Not a good idea. Had to start anew cause not having him around is annoying enough.

Sneak imporves if you are not spoted but you are close enough to get spotted. Sneak is near impossible to keep on early levels. I just usualy earn a truckload of gold and go train myself silly.

I once hit the slittsrider driver in Vivec and he began attacking me. I needed his ass, because it's a long walk from Balmora to Vivec so I ran towards Suran. I lost him quickly (I don't want to boast, but I am a very fast runner!) but soon found him in Suran a few hours later. The sucker ran all the way there after me.

Had to use a cheat to get his persistent arse back to Vivec.

I am very glad that there is no on-line Morrowind play, because I know it would still be taking up my life to this day.

yeah why couldnt bethesda lay of the cliff racers