Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Q

I was very good at this game while I was into it. But after a year of not playing I am having trouble getting back to old form. Can someone tell me how to roll when you get knocked down? If you don't roll you are a sitting duck for another attack while you are getting up.

Ive seen people say that you either tap or hold a certain direction, but thus far Ive only been able to do it twice by accident. Thanks.


Yeah man, but do you press it as you hit, in the air or what? And is it a single/double tap the direction or hold? I know it's simple yet Ive tried everything and it's highly irritating. Thanks for the responses.

I played for the first time in a while last week. Like you, I was a total fucking badass like a year ago, especially with Kung Lao and Scorpion. Anyway I was playing my buddy last week and it came back pretty quick :)

I don't know excatly how to do the roll, it is just instinct and I roll to a standup every time I get knocked down. I'll have to play again and let you know.

Yeah, Deception looks good, especially that you will encounter practicaly every character ever in the Konquest mode.

I am getting back in my groove, Sub-Zero is listed as one of the 2-3 hardest guys to use. Only thing that's catching me up is not being able to roll to my feet. I get hit by scorpion's summon hellfire move every time I get knocked down. TTT I appreciate the help.



MK stopped being MK after MK3

Trilogy was excellent. 4 was trying something new, but still wasn't refined enough. If you have not played 5(deadly alliance) do not dismiss it! It breathed new life into the franchise! If you ever considered yourself an MK man then at least rent it. The new system is great and different from the fun but often times button mashing style of the previous MK games.

Each fighter has 2 fighting styles along with a weapon style. Each style has real authentic moves and combos. So you can have a guy with say Muay Thai, Sambo, and a sword. Another dude is Judo/Hapkido/nunchucks. It makes for a ton of variety.

There is also a bunch of stuff to unlock, the krypt has over 600 kaskets full of stuff. All in all it is no less than the game that saved the franchise. MK 6 is going to be even better.

mk 1 2 or 3 was never a button masher.

5 although a very good game is not mk... Same charactors different game all together. They lost John Tobias and the game went south.

"mk 1 2 or 3 was never a button masher."

Perhaps button masher is not the right word. What I mean is that the hit system was set up so that if you just charged someone and attack attack attack, they have to block and you can then get the in a corner or throw. There was very limited space is what I'm saying.

Youre right that 4 and 5 were totally different systems and only had the spirit and characters of MK and not the play style. Don't get me wrong man, I still play trilogy with my brother, I just get frustrated with it's hit detection and how some moves miss when they really shouldnt.

DA is SOOOOOO much better than 1,2,3. If only they had more fatalities for each character it would've been a perfect fighter.

helwig: understood. I dont think any of the console ports play even close to the arcade though.... thats why I have an arcade :).

"If only they had more fatalities for each character it would've been a perfect fighter."

I'd say if each guy had two or 3 and they droped the waste characters like bo rai cho and li mei. And added a few maxed out classics and a few new ones then it'd be a perfect fighter. The 3 styles system was brilliant. Some styles were dead on, but some I questioned their choice of moves and stances.

I figured out the problem. It turns out some moves have a stun capability which prevents you from doing a roll. The combo that I keep being hit with has it and therefore I am always open to an additional hit. This sucks.