Mortal Shell

Has anyone else played this? I’m finding it very difficult even after having finished all of the souls games.

Ok cool lol

I was looking at getting this game, but ended up getting Hellpoint (which was pretty cool)

I figured Mortal Shell would just frustrate me. And this is coming from someone who has beaten all the Fromsoft games(from Demin’s Souls on) besides Sekiro.

How is it other than being hard?

Also I read that once it clicks or you “level up” it’s more manageable. Just the beginning is super hard.

It’s definitely more different from the souls games than other souls like games such as Nioh or the surge. I think I’m actually worse at it than I would be because I try to play it like a souls game. It does get easier once you get the hang of the combat and start upgrading a shell.

It’s definitely worth the $30 or whatever


I’ll definitely get it soon. The graphics look awesome. Hopefully it clicks with me. Huge Dark Souls vibe to it, it seems.

It’s a little short though, isn’t it?

You should try Hellpoint, if you haven’t. It’s a really fun souls-like. You can even summon and (this is awesome) you can do split-screen couch co-op!

Supposedly it’s a short game. I wouldn’t know because I’m still at the beginning, and honestly it will still take me a long time to finish it at the rate I’m going. I’m sure it has good replay value with the different shells and weapons. I’ll check out he’ll point. I haven’t played splitscreen in a long time lol

@pigpen did you play Nioh and the surge?

Yeah, Nioh’s awesome.

I just bought The Surge 1 and 2 the other week when they were on sale. Played a bit of 1. So far, so good.

Have you played Hollow Knight? Surprisingly a very Souls-like game.

I haven’t played hollow knight but I think it’s in my playstation library. I tried salt and sanctuary but didn’t like it. I was also horrible at it (even for me). I was disappointed because I do like side scrollers

The first time I played Salt and Sanctuary, I didn’t like it. Got to the first boss and got smashed and just gave up.

About a year later, I tried it again and I guess it clicked or something. I played the whole game and it was fun. And this is coming from someone who pretty much always summons for bosses. I think you can summon in that game, too. It also has couch co-op!

Hollow Inight is awesome. But so hard. It’s kind of worth it, though. I do have to play it in waves.

I’ve played all Souls games and bought this and started to play it, but it was really hard and didn’t have as linear a story to follow so I got bored and never finished.

Impressive I think it was a group of only a few people that made the game.

I sucked really badly until I watched a bit of a walkthrough video. I was not really understanding how the hardening thing works. If you try to play this exactly like a souls game you’ll have a hard time