Morton was due $100K???

From TSN's web site:

"According to a report on, Morton was indefinitely suspended after the bout by the California State Athletic Commission for refusing to take his post-fight anti-doping test. The report also states that Morton will not be paid the $100,000 purse he was supposed to receive"

Full article:

$100k for a guy with a few months of MMA training sounds like total BS to me. Both ESPN and TSN are taking a lot of their MMA stories from Sherdog. If the $100k is true then it's insane, if not then partnership between mainstream media and Sherdog might be short lived.

umm K1 is backed by softbank one of the richest companies in the world, they have more capability than zuffa. they basically tanked this whole show lost hella money, but they'll still be fine.

Well, that's $100k that they don't have to pay out because Morton wouldn't pee into a cup after the fight.

Blix is correct

Doesn't the promoter have to pay the commission before the fights and then the commission holds the monies in escrow until the fights happen?

In this case, what happens? They could give the money back to K-1 but then what happens if Morton acquiesces? The commission can't keep all the money, can they? They didn't deserve it.

Again, I really don't know.

"one of the richest companies in the world, they have more capability than zuffa"

LOL! I just made a post responding to your bitterness but that little statement is a prime example. You got problems, man. You're like that guy who broke up with some girl but keeps bringing her up now and his guy friends are like, "dude, let it go, already".

umm you idiot.

Softbank is a 32.8 BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY that is fully backing K1 now. Now go eat a turd.

Having lots of money to spend does not a good business plan make.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show because it will be the last one.

I doubt that they expected to make aprofit with this show. They will refine things now and make their second show mind blowing.

Their first effort has still raised the bar for MMA in the USA however.

"umm you idiot.

Softbank is a 32.8 BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY that is fully backing K1 now. Now go eat a turd."

LOL... quit your crying, girl. That's not what I said at all. Are you the only person in the whole world who knows what companies are big and which aren't?

$100K had to be money to show, plus potential win and bonus monies.

What a marketing disaster: Every local paper had the write up about the local boy who played for USC at the Coliseum, plus 12-year NFL career (that's impressive). Then they mentioned a possible MMA career or NFL comeback...

Now, he will be forever known for that KO highlight. In all fairness, he did come out guns a blazin' looking for a fight. You just need more than 2 months of MMA training to do well.

MyEarHurt I agree with you. Either way its the closest thing that the UFC/Pride has to a real competitor. Elite fell short. Bodog and IFL are still the minor leagues. They will have a long term plan and their next show will be bigger and better. My money is on some of the UFC top 10 fringe fighters to jump ship. Thens it gonna be fun. Kind of like the old WWF vs WCW talent wars back in the day.

The original question was could they really pay Morton the money. And somebody answered by stating the production had a huge financial backing. Then everyone jumped on that guy by saying, well they still lost a lot of money. But what does that have to do with anything? Just because they lost money doesn't mean they intended to."

Hi. You have a clear mind. This is the only way people debate with me by either calling me names or redirecting the argument.

Didn't he test before the fight?? Why wouldn't he test after???