Mosley and Vargas arrive!!!

Just before 2:00pm on Tuesday afternoon (February 21, 2006), Ferocious Fernando Vargas appeared for his "red" carpet entrance at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - site for his 154 lb. showdown with Sugar Shane Mosley this coming Saturday night. Vargas had a message for his fans. "I am thankful for the love and support of my fans. It is humbling to know that the $100 seats sold-out in less than 3 hours. That is a testament to my fans that they wanted to see me back in Las Vegas. And, I am glad to be back!" When asked what fans might expect on Saturday night, Mosley, who arrived a half hour after Vargas, answered, "I think it is going to be a war! I love to fight. The main thing is victory." Oscar de la Hoya, Mosley's promoter, added "It is a dangerous fight for both fighters [Vargas and Mosley]. The pressure is big! It is a must win for both. It is going to be electrifying!" De La Hoya also commented on his forthcoming bout with Ricardo Mayorga planned for May 6, 2006 saying, "The fight is called DANGER ZONE, because I am going into the Danger Zone. Mayorga is a dangerous fighter. He has a chin. Nevertheless, I have to prove to my fans that I can go out a champion!"

"De La Hoya also commented on his forthcoming bout with Ricardo Mayorga planned for May 6, 2006"

I know it is not the intent of this thread, but I think Oscar is going to pound Mayorga. Does anyone think otherwise?

tough to say, dlh is obviosuly 100 times better than mayorga. but one must question whether his hunger is still there sitting on top of an up and coming promotional superpower. also think that he hasn't fought since the hopkins fight in 2004. if the hunger isn't there and rust is too big, an upset could be brewing.

if this fight happens, i think mayorga wins a decision.

Interesting point. Perhaps you are right. I have to think that a bad Oscar is better than a good Mayorga. Even Tito who had not fought in years crushed him after the first 2 min of the fight. I have a hard time seeing Mayorga winning this.

oh yes, this fight is oscar's to lose. if dlh wins i think it will look similar to spinks/mayorga except a little wider. tito took 8 to crush mayorga and DLH certainly doesn't have tito's power.

I thought Mayorga would beat a rusty Tito, so I guess I gotta go with Oscar.