Most annoying fight

Did anyone else think this was one of the most annoying fights they have had on TUF yet?

Anthony did just about nothing in any position. Did not even finish Luke with a choke sunk in.

Luke on the other hand did look more impressive than I thought he would.

Luke was good I thought and did everything he could to end the fight.

One thing I noticed about Anthony was that he didn't listen to his corner AT ALL. Ignored everything Rich told him.

"Bring him to the cage" FIFTY TIMES Rich said this in the first round and not once did Anthony even attempt to bring him to the cage.

Nice front leg kick to the face, i was surprised he landed it

No, they've had much more annoying fights, like all of the HW fights. Luke looked good and controlled the fight for the most part.

I was not annoyed with the lack of action I guess, but the fact that Anthony did absolutely nothing his corner was telling him to do.

i enjoyed this 1, rooted for the unibrow wierdo

it did seem like he ignored Rich, but he also looked very gassed early in the 2nd. He may just not have been able to respond to the commands.

Damn, even the halfway decent fights get slammed? I thought it was good Zorro (or Anthony, whatever his name was) didnt have much, but he stuck it out. I thought Luke was going to take his head off.

I loved that front kick to the face that put an exclamation point on the fight. Luke was practicing that in his warm up, and I thought, "Be nice to see one of those stright to the face." Wish came true.