Most anticipated fight to date!!!

Im sorry bjj practitioners but i've NEVER been as excited for an MMA fight (except when Yves is fighting) as much as I am for this BOXING fight tonight!!!


This is gonna be the fight of the year bitches, enjoy!!!

Btw, can you spot the fat on Pac-man?

PS: Holy hell he is FAST!!!

Holy shit! Manny is shredded. I can't wait for this fight! GO Pac-man.

I am looking forward to Fedor v Cro Cop more than this fight.

But this fight will still be wicked good

jwizard, I refuse to agree with the first half of your post.

: go pac man!

TRJ is correct, this fight will own.


Yves is the John Ruiz of MMA.

i dont give a shit about boxing

Most anticipated fight of the year for sure. This is going to be a war, until Morales falls for the first time in his career.

TRJ, how can you not be loooking forward to the Fedor v Cro fight?

It might be the most anticipated MMA fight ever. At least HW

Interesting thoughts Striker...Now if only anyone gave a shit about your thoughts...

jwizard, it is anticipated. But it doesn't beat out this fight!!!

I pick Pac-man to get knocked out in the 11th, we will see. Joker are you getting the fight tonight?

Ivey, you know not what you say. You probably dont even know these two guys lol. They are at "womens weight" according to you!!! No im not.


Arachnoid, try to get your mind off of homosexuality, it seems to consume your feeble and very limited mind. For someone who looks as nerdy as you, it is amazing how dumb you still manage to be. I'll let you get back to your gay fantasies and full room size Chuck Liddell posters, lol.