Most boring UFC last 4 years?

I say UFC 61. Your opinions?

Yes, for the last 4 years, the UFC has been the most boring. Just kidding, off the top of my head, the card that had Sylvia/Arlovski III.

I agree, the most boring UFC's do seem to last for years!

Boring cards and boring results are 2 diff things though....

I just meant that the card ended up being boring.

It wasn't a PPV card but UFN 4 with Rashad and Hoger and Leben-Fioravanti was pretty boring to me.

55 IMO

55 was pretty boring, but 61 was all decisions and a messed up Tito fight. And no prelims

Mir vs Big Dan, that was the saddest display of mma

UFC 55 and it's not even close imo.