Most brutal part of the episode

Rashad's verbal beatdown of Matt Mitrione.

It was completely necessary, but still... ouch.

Rashad was totally right. I can't belive Mitrione used to play in the NFL.

i thought this was gonna be about Rampage and the door...

u cant be tough wearing only one shoe tho

ohferfuxsakes -  the worst part of that episode was watching Dana ooo and awwe after the first round.  Pathetic, in my opinion.

worst fight ever

thats cuz danas a casual fan :)

what did rashad say to matt specifically?

he was saying something about how is Matrione gonna start a fight in the house when he hasnt even had a fight yet and more so for something over another guy that "said" something about him.

Most brutal part.....Judge Cecil Peoples scored the round 10-9 for the Door!

Brutal fight...I expected so much more out of Junk they way they were hyping him....I mean Mitrione was ripe for the takedown lots of times. It was just both guys throwing the same two punches.....over and over with Junk landing some bombs but not putting Mitrione away. I was rooting for Junk cause Mitrione was just too much of a dick.