Most Cleaned out division?

Has to be the middlweight right now. Anderson has no legit contendors there the best options for him come from two Welterweights in Shields and GSP.

Sure Sonnen is there but he was doping and still LOST the fight

170 is a close Second After Diaz and Condit there aren't many challengers left to GSP that aren't rematches

HW and LHW are Wide Open and Frankie Edgar still has some fights at 155

So Aside from Who I mentionned who is left for Anderson at 185? Is now the time for him to move to 205?

 Middleweight for sure is the most cleaned out.  There are no super intriguing matchups left for Anderson Silva at Middle weight.

Wow bro, great insight. Ya know I was just thinking about how Frankie Edgar has cleaned out the LW division and that out of all the champs he has the least challenges, but you have definitely made some great points here that not every single MMA fan knows.


So what you guys rather see:

Anderson Having superfights with GSP, Title Unification bout with Jake Shields or just jumping to 205

I would like to see the fights with GSP and SHields before the move to 205 myself.

And Zuffa should tell em both to get ready to make 185