Most consecutive seasons with over 100+ RBI

to start your career? Who is it

Man Ram?



hmmmm... woulda went with pujols

Ted Williams?

Pujols has 10. This guy had 11

Is it someone well known or obscure? "To start your career" is kind of tough, because a lot of stars came up and had less than 100 in their first or second season

Oh, someone well known then

jimmy foxx?

Hall of Famer. He is well known if you are a baseball buff.

ufc98newb - jimmy foxx?

lol, not even close.

Did Ted W do it? Probably not because of the military service


yes, Bucketfoot Al Simmons. He had unreal numbers for about a 13 year stretch

A-rod did it like 14 of his first 15 full major league seasons or something ridiculous. Obviously the one where he didn't do it means he isn't the answer but still impressive. Phone Post 3.0

Trout? Phone Post 3.0

Yaaayyy I was right! I only guessed him since I have a friend who does this as well and one answer was Simmons and it surprised the hell out of me and had to look at his numbers. DDS you and my friend would get a long well with the sports talk.

Some guy that batted against white dudes that threw 9 innings three times a week? Phone Post 3.0

Cabrera Phone Post 3.0