Most convincing video footage of UFO?

Noticing a lot of chatter on the forums concerning UFOs lately. Much like the XFiles "I want to believe" so let's see what you consider the most convincing video footage of UFOs or aliens. 

*Insert obligatory "Alien chasing chick with his cock out" gif here*

there is no convincing video footage


Pumpkin Spice Lazarus -

Swamp gas IMO. 


HotSteppa - there is no convincing video footage


ttt for when there is convincing footage.


Gean - 

Phoenix 97:


These lights have nearly been proven to be flares dropped by the US military, due to the time this video was shot. The actual encounter was hours eariler. I personally believe the US governemt purposely dropped the flares, possibly as a diversion, or to simply illuminate the sky and get a better idea WTF was up there, since the report were pouring in about a black cloaked aircraft flying over the city. 

In for any unconvincing videos that will be posted

I'm not an alien/UFO person, or at least I wasn't until I saw a "TR-3B" in real life with a military pilot friend of mine. It was super bizarre and there are a few YT videos of it that look just like what we saw.

This was near a US air base though. I don't think it was aliens.

There's that stupid docu on netflix about the dude who thinks aliens follow him around.

Alot of his footage sucks, but I must admit he has  some pretty crazy hyper blinking lights that zip around also. 

Check out the secureteam10 youtube page. They just posted a video from Tom Delonge. Its a video from the D.o.d. showing a u.s. plane tracking a ufo. Its short but pretty cool footage.

It's not a coincidence Professor Redneck has quietly reappeared on the forum, they're getting ready to tell us something big.

Gean - 
murfamurph -

Phoenix lights prove UFOs exist, Mexico City too. 

yeah but who needs proof.  hilarious some people think we're the ONLY life as vast as space and time is. my only question is how many worlds of advanced life have come and gone.  we'll be gone too once our sun dies, just another in a long line of has been planets full of life that are ancient history

There is a difference between claiming that there must've be life elsewhere and claiming that not only does other advanced complex intelligent lifeforms exist AT THE SAME TIME as life on Earth (statistically approaching almost impossible) but they also were able to devise technology so advanced that they could overcome the laws of biology and physics to visit us in our solar system at the exact time humans were in existence (or any complex life for that matter).
The reality is that it is highly unlikely that life elsewhere has developed to our complexity and awareness and developed sophisticated technology to communicate and travel across vast distances so great they border on infinite to us.

The reality is that in our galaxy we are most likely ALONE as complex intelligent aware lifeforms with advanced technology and more likely we exist with basic simple lifeforms.
The chances of other surrounding galaxies, or star systems within our own galaxy having the EXACT conditions to grow life like Earth is possible but almost improbable to the point of impossibility.
Even if advanced life (our level or more) did exist, the chances of it occuring when advance humanoids were around approaches zero, and it is either long gone millions of years ago, or can never reach us. Even if advanced life did develop, there is no guarantee it would develop an idea about advanced communication or travel.
As far as we know, we are ALONE, at least within a few thousand light years, which makes it impossible for us to get to it even with ships approaching lightspeed.

The mexico city day footage that was shot from different parts of the city by many people seems to be the only one I can think of


It was something flying, definately unidentified, so that one fits the description of your question 


What it was, no idea, but the footage comes from many local news crews 


Theres so many bullshit fake videos online now, I cant even find it. It had a government investigation into it, plus theres been documentaries about it


The fact that there are so many shitty fake ufo videos is suspect, I havent looked in a couple of years, and now its just a shit basket of garbage stuff



Southpaw'd - Check out the secureteam10 youtube page. They just posted a video from Tom Delonge. Its a video from the D.o.d. showing a u.s. plane tracking a ufo. Its short but pretty cool footage.