most devastating submission?

which in your opinion is the most painful, dangerous, and potential either life threatening or crippling.

My vote would first go for the crucifix neck crank

Second would be for inverted heel hook for the most quick and injury threatening.

Life threatening? Anything that attacks the windpipe.

Crippling? Spiking the head.

Painful? I'd imagine having your knee totally fubar by a heelhook would suck pretty badly.

I second the crucifix.

Thats the first submission I was ever put in....compliments of Travis Fulton.

1) Neck cranks have a huge risk of serious injuries, especially paralysis or death.

2) Heel hooks can cause permanent damage to the ligaments of the knee.

Those two strike me as the two clearest dangers, but there are plenty of others.


I don't actually think the twister is that dangerous. Most you can do with it stretch someone out.

A defense or prevention for the twister, I woudl assume, is about not letting your opponent get a headlock.

LOL @ bounce... The Twister is a viscious move. It's a spinal lock, neck crank, where you are litterally wrenching your opponent's body in two different directions. You're not stretching the guy out, you're twisting him.

"which in your opinion is the most painful, dangerous, and potential either life threatening or crippling. "

in BJJ - Kneebar (twister if you count it in BJJ)

other style subs(catch- whether you think effective or not)- kneck cranks and some cross faces

Any twisting or cranking of the knees or neck.

-Guillotine chokes where your weight is on your chest/stomach which is on the back of their head and you thumbs/wrist are in their wind pipe. It's very powerful and could easily crush the windpipe I believe.

-Neck cranks with the legs. Ie, where you have them in a triangle but because of the angle it is actually neck cranking them. Like from the crucifix(although you can also choke them out it is easier as a neck crank, and very devastating).

Knee-on-nuts (from guard pass), nose crank (transition from mata leao or headlock), cup-on-face (from N/S), blubber smother. Devastating.

1 Crucifix

2 inverted heel

3 Knee compression

knock outs

knock outs

One of the brown belts I train with has freakishly good head control.  As soon as he grabs my head I'm in a fight to just survive.  He's got this one move where he will grab head control from side mount, then go north south, then he just stand up.  So you are pretty much in a backbend with him holding your neck.  The first time he did it I almost sh!t myself.  He pretty much does it just to screw with people but it's always funny to watch him do it to somebody the first time.  He just kinda holds them their for a second or two and smiles at them. 

After hearing about Sylvia's arm, the plain ol' scissor armbar from the guard seems pretty nasty.


I agree 100% with TwinkletoesCT