Most disturbing incident?

My picks-

1. Clint Malarchuck almost decapitated by Steve Tuttles' skate.

2. Nick Kypreos eating the left that Ryan Vandebusshe served up.


Steamy we aren't talking imaginary stuff.

My vote is Ulf's knee on Cam

Seriously boys, lets here some intelligent thoughts

*wonders if i spelt intelligent properly...notes the irony*

the skate on the throat was disturbing..

umm.. I don't know who the players are, but when those three guys went into the boards fast, two from one team pushed dudes head down so he would go head first and he broke his neck, maybe paralyzed?

and that guy jumping the boards naked, knocking himself out.. actually that was just funny and I wanted to say it.. wasn't that Mark1?

i dont remember when this happened, but when Kevin Sevens was knocked out while standing....then fell face first onto the ice

he didnt make a motion to try to even stop, and face planted right outside the blueline...freaky shit

still the malarchuk throat cut was the worst

That was Richard Pilon that hit Stevens....turning point for him. Holy shit i remember them saying if the Malarchuck incident happened at the other end of the rink he would have died. (paramedics and door were at the end he got sliced)

it was the freakiest thing...i remember it as well as anythign that happened in hockey...

as a goalie that made me wear my neck gear every game all the gives me the chills to this day

I've still never seen the full clip of the Malarchuck incident, just the small bit they showed on the news that night and they didn't show much.

check out the expression on andreychucks face - 'uh we got a bit of a problem here'

lol i know he's standing there like a boob..HEY DAVE MAYBE HELP STOP THE BLEEDING

Watching Pronger get hit in the chest with the puck and it stopping his heart.

You could just see in the look (or lack of) on his face that something was really wrong.


how bout chelios cracking open brian props head. almost as vicous as the mcsorely/brashear incident imo.

Malarchuck was brutal!


Little girl dies in Nashville when she is struck by a puck

Wayne Maki and Ted Green play baseball with each others heads for a ball.

So how did that goalie get his throat cut?

Didn't Lemuiux him holmstrom into the edge of the plexy glass? Also, Federovs cross check on Brind amour. and that sneaky fucking russian didn't even get a penality

Also Chris Simon working over that lightining player a couple of weeks ago was pretty rough

Trent Mccleary got the Larynx fractured by Ian Laperriere slapshot and could'nt breath. He retired after that incident

"So how did that goalie get his throat cut?"

Clint Malarchuck was struck by the skate of then St. Louis player Steve Tuttle. Lacerated jugular....ouch.


I really dont think McSorley meant to KO Brashear. I really think he was just trying to get his attention for a throwdown, just got him clean on the temple. Btw, I'm a HUUUUGE Brashear fan. Every video game I always pick up Brashear for my enforcer. I used to get Sandy McCarthy, but DAMNIT IT NEVER FAILS. I get S. McCarthy and its ALWAYS STEVE McCarthy.

(edit: i realise how excessive hitting someone in the head with a stick is "to get someone's attention.)

My god! Amazing pics of the cut. What year that happen in? I didnt start watching hockey until '94. And didn't get cable until just a few years back. Did he get stepped on or did someone catch him with a skate as they were falling?

(hears John Buccigross saying, "turn away if you dont like skates-to-faces) even though it was his throat"

my older bro was playing in a junior A tourey where a kid tripped over a stick and went head first into the boards. died that night.