Most Dominant Fighters

 Curious who people think actually cleaned out their divisions in the history of MMA? Not just in the UFC but other promotions as well?

 - Fedor; Obviously cleaned out the Heavies in Pride for a while

 - Silva; Don't need to really justify this one

 - Penn; Did clean out 155 and put a huge dent in at 170 as well

 - W. Silva; Cleaned the LH division in Pride

 - Tito; Did at the time clean the LH division in the UFC

 - St. Pierre; Cleaned welterweight however due to the injury hasn't obviously has a shot to get Condit or Diaz

 - Gomi; Cleaned out the lights in Pride

 - Hughes; Definately put on a clinic at welter in his day

 - F. Shamrock; arguable but back in the day held up at LH