Most durable fighters of all time?

My opinon: heavyweights: Chuvalo, Ali, Marciano, Jefferies.

Middleweights: Jake LaMotta, Tony Zale

Jake LaMotta was voted best chin of all timie by Ring magazine, so you have to go with him.

I think Foreman's a good call too

I think Hagler rates at least an honorable mention here, although I guess I might be overly influenced by Hagler-Hearns and Hagler-Mugabi. A quick scan of his record confirms he was never KO'd - was he ever down as a pro?

Foreman had a good chin but his lack of stamina decreases his overall durability.

Haglar is right up there,they said he went down against
Roldan but it looked more like a slip.James Toney,should be
mentioned,Chavez too in his prime Ali,Holmes.

George Chuvalo

93 heavyweight fights including ones against Foreman, Ali twice, Patterson, Frasier.

Never knocked down.


He can still speak clearly to this day too.

Foreman stopped Chuvalo. Another example if his
awesome punching power.

In the Foreman/Chuvalo fight, Chuvalo's corner threw in the towel and Chuvalo thought they were crazy for doing so, (acording to I haven't had a chance to see that one myself. It probably was a good stoppage but Chuvalo still was never off of his feet.

George Chuvalo , Jake Lamotta

I'm gonna have to say Tex Cobb. He was so unrefined, he made LaMotta and Chuvalo look like Willie Peps and yet he could still go the distance with guys like Shavers who were landing their shots flush. Apart from his chin, his other notable characteristic was great physical strength. Larry Holmes said that while Earnie Shavers was the hardest hitter he ever faced, Tex was by far his strongest opponent. He was like a big bear with boxing gloves.

Currently active I'll say Tua. I get the impression that guy could take a tire iron to the forehead.

People have already mentioned Lamotta, and Hagler.

You have to mention Archie Moore if you think of durablity in terms of career instead just within a fight.