Most effective Ring Worm med?

I recently got ring worm from BJJ class. Have it right on my cheek. I bought the "prescription strength Lotrimin" but I was wondering if you guys knew of a medicine that is even more effective in killing RW.

The Lotrimin, according to the instructions, takes around 2 weeks. There must be something that can kill faster.

Oral prescription meds will kill it fast. You have to get your liver checked, though, as it is rough on the liver. But no matter what you take, you should stay on it for at least two weeks, to make sure the ringworm is gone.

sweet bleach...

try Lamisil

I second lamasil.

LAMISIL WORKED GREAT, clortrimasol didnt work at all

Scrub it with bleach and then treat with Lamisil. Easy on the bleach or it will cause a mild chemical burn.

Lamisil and tree tea oil are best.

lamisil is prescription, i have been told that fungicure is nearly as good, and is over-the-counter

it seems the earlier you start treatment, the faster you can get rid of it.

I had it in my hair once and tried everything - finally went to a dermotologist and got some pill that got rid of it in 3 was in my hair for like 6 months...

if you need it done quickly - get the pill

I had it on my forearm a few months ago. I dabbed it with a cotton swab full of bleach, let it sit there for a bit and the dryed it off. Then i used lamisile. Worked well.

Oral Lamisil pills by prescription will get rid of even the toughest cases of ringworm.

I was recently informed that the pump spray( not the aerosol) Tinactin is awesome. Heven't tried it yet, but I heard it works really well.

Sporonox (oral anti-fungal) is the best stuff I've ever used.

Lamisil works great. When I use it, it works within one week though you should use it for at least two weeks just to be sure. It is the best and it is over the counter.

Meditation and a rashguard.

scrub it with bleach

I hear that Flaxseed Oil works well. Balm or tablet.

what? Since when is lamasil perscription? I´ve been perscribed lamasil by my doctor, but it's not something i had to have a perscription to buy.

Don't use bleach. I have this medice from Brazil that is a 4% solution (four times stronger than regular over the counter medice in the US).
I dad had it made at a lab in Brazil, it works really good.
anyhow, I have a few extra bottles because we had to oder a minimun of 12 so send me a email if you're interested.