Most embarrassing playing story?

What is the most embarrassing moment you've ever had on stage or while performing?

Mine is fucking hilarious. I was playing guitar many many years ago for a grunge band at a glummy place (called the Underground, lol). My Ibanez had broken a string, so I used a friend's Epiphone SG. Very nice of him to let me use his gear.

The stage is set up about 2 feet above the dance floor, and I noticed that a bunch of kids were kicking around this big plastic, hollow Santa-Clause. For some reason, I thought I would be able to crush this Santa Clause by jumping on it. Perhaps my adrenalin was a-flowing because of the music we were playing, I dunno.

So I decide to test my theory. I had the kids kick the Santa near me. I jumped off (in mid-song) on top of the Santa with both feet. I went for the kill. What happened was the most embarrassing moment I think I've ever experienced, yet the most funny.

Santa didn't give. He didn't crush. He did manage to slip out from under my feet. Santa went flying in God knows what direction, and I hit the floor face-first. After hearing the terrible "POW", I get up real fast and hopped back on stage. My bandmates didn't know what to think. I finished out the set and pretty much stayed in my one spot.

To top it off, my friend's guitar was broken. Broke off a couple tuning pegs. That was the worst of the damage, but I felt terrible. I paid him right there and basically played for free. I'm very glad it wasn't a real Gibson SG.

Haha, thats hilarious. I made a thread about this a while back:

I can remember another time I didn't write about:

I had an Epiphone SG copy as well. It had a really nice cherry finish, but for some reason I thought it would look better if I sanded off the paint and stained the wood. I started sanding it with sandpaper and  wrecked it, so I brought it to a friends brother who had a sander and he agreed to finish it. Too bad it wasn't paint, it was stain so it soaked pretty deep into the wood.

I got it back and put a nice finish on it and took it to our next gig. We had a really good show, and at the end of our set I grabbed my guitar and shoved it fret first against the other guitarists, for no reason really, just to make some noise. He started shoving back and my guitar broke in half right below the neck where so much wood had been ground off. I was so pissed I smashed it over the side of the stage while everybody was laughing thier asses off.


dasbeaver - what the hell was your drummer doing?? lol i can't beleive
you guys didn't notice the drums weren't playing until halfway through
the 1st verse.. made me laugh trying to imagine what it must've looked

I have no idea what he was doing. One second he was with us walking to the stage, the next he was gone. It must have looked ridiculous.

*still lol*


Yah no shit, LOL

I have one from many years ago.

We were playing at a bachelor's party in a friends basement.
All of his male family members were there, including his father and all of his cronies.

The stripper came in and didn't have any music (let alone speak English) and we played a slow bluse thing.

After what seemed like a lifetime, and her clothes still on, we sped it up and went into some Billy Idol stuff(It was the late 80's) and things started moving.

After she finally got done we started playing a normal 80's set, when the grooms father and his buddies, who were hanging out by the keg the entire time, yell to us...

Cronies: "Hey have you guys done this kind of thing before?"

Us: "What a bachelor party?"

Cronies: "NO, try and make music!!"
and the party thought that was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

The funniest part for us was, that after a few more beers the Cronies had taken over the mic and were singing to anything we could make up.

In the end we were all drunk, so everyone won.

College state solo and ensemble contest: Marching snare division. I was really nervous because 4-5 of my drum students were in the small practice room watching. I started, got two bars into my solo, and had to stop and start over. Not only was that embarrasing, but I felt awful about the poor example I was setting for my students.

I still ended up getting 2nd place, to another guy in our line.