Most Exciting Cards Since UFC 100?

Hey guys, I have a pretty big collection of UFC events and am looking for one to watch tonight? Any suggestions for great cards? Don't exactly care about big names just looking for exciting fights specifically.

Help a brother out UG! Phone Post 3.0

You should check out some events outside of the UFC. One of my favorites is Pride 10: Return of the Warriors.

Have seen all Pride and WEC events unfortunately, why im asking specifically for UFC. Phone Post 3.0

Would say the ufc brazil where silva fought bonnar was a good card and the big nog Werdum card. Alot of submissions I recall. Phone Post 3.0

Off the top of my head that is Phone Post 3.0

fox 7

Probably ufc 166 is the most recent great card. Every fight on the main card was great. Except for maybe Cormier vs Nelson Phone Post 3.0

Doesnt have to be too recent, i can still remember cards like 166 really well. Thinking like 100 - 160, UFN's too? Phone Post 3.0

Just finished re-watching Silva - Stann, shit was absolutely insane.

Any other suggestions? Phone Post 3.0

Shogun - Vera was good Phone Post 3.0

madvillain11 - fox 7
This Phone Post 3.0

The massive ppv in canada with 50k fans was an AMAZING card until GSP stunk it up in the main event... Phone Post 3.0

UFC 136, UFC 139, UFC 116, UFC 166, UFC 117 off the top of my head. Each card has maybe one average-stinker fight, but the rest are pretty damn entertaining.

Tuf 17 Finale. Phone Post

ufc 146 i think it was with jds vs mir

117 definitely has to be up there. Phone Post 3.0

Lots of love for 117 huh? Might need to rewatch tonight after work. Phone Post 3.0

Ufc 144 was great. (The japan card) Phone Post 3.0

116 was GREAT.

UFC on VS 4, I think that's the one that had Pat Barry vs Kongo. If so, just about every fight was amazing. Phone Post 3.0