Most exciting new fighter for UFC?

Out of this list who are you most excited to watch in the UFC to see what he does?

Tyson Griffin

Lyoto Machida

Anthoni Hardonk

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Heath Herring

Randy Couture returning

*(I leave out Crocop due to the obvious zeal on the UG of somebody with the potential to beat Sylvia out of mass-UG foaming-mouth hatred for the man)

Also, if Lindland were on this list would he be your pick?

Actually I'm most excited about Griffin and Hardonk...for some reason the idea of new guys comming in to fight that may turn out to be good gets me just as pumped up as the already good guys comming in.

I wanna see classic Rampage slams. Also, this is the first Ive heard of Tyson Griffen in the UFC. I haven't seen him so it will be nice to see someone new who is highly regarded. Id also like to see Machida rematch Frankilin. Lindland would not be my first pick but he is a damn good fighter and I still like watching his fights.

So you wanted one pick and I named 4 out of the 7 haha.

Griffin will be considered the Filho of the lw division a year from now.

Rampage. The UFC is a much more colourful and interesting place with him in it. If Lindland were on your list I'd have trouble picking between them as I'm a big Lindland fan and even though he's not quite as colourful as Rampage (who is?) I think he is a better fighter pound for pound and has a better chance of ruling his own division. In short, I think the UFC division is less legitimate without Lindland.

Rampage/Chuck will be a good fight

other tough notables of course...

Jeff Joslin (even though he lost)

John Fitch

Brock Larson

David Heath

Joe Lauzon (who still I have to admit completely shocked the shit out of me and made me spill my drink)

All these guys are game...I wanna see who really breaks away from the pack

Tyson Griffin

CroCop followed closely by Lyoto

Looking forward to seeing more of Tyson Griffin. Hope they build him up. Mirko is obviosly the number 1 guy I want to see fight. Lyoto did not look to great in his last fight against white but he can def shake up the LHW divison.
Wanna see rampage do well

"All these guys are game...I wanna see who really breaks away from the pack"

easy call imo.. ;)

Alan Belcher

I'm most excited about Tyson Griffin out of that list.

On another note, I predict Martin Kampmann to really tear shit up, he's one of the most exciting fighters I've ever seen. He didn't look as good as usual in his last fight but I think that was because how good Thales Leites is.


I'm most excited see Jackson for sho.

It's not like Chuck will try to triangle/armbar Rampage, but just the
thought of Rampage slamming Chuck the way he slammed Arona... yes,
I'm excited to see Rampage

John Fitch is gonna be a big name in the welterweight division. I say he stomps Diegos ass. He's a better wrestler and much better striker.

"Also, this is the first Ive heard of Tyson Griffen in the UFC."

He's already had one fight in the UFC. It was a prelim, but it was aired on PPV. He choked David Lee in about 90 seconds.

Rampage and Griffin are the top 2 on my list.

jason mcdonald should be on your list imo

Rampage but Mirko is clearly the fighter people are the most excited about.