In my opinion its 1. Cro Cop

              2. Ricardo Arona

              3. Andrei Arlovski

Fedor doesnt count because machines dont have genes. I was thinking of putting Nog as one due to the ability to take a plethora of abuse, but I decided the three at the top were better.

You'll most likely get Kevin Randleman and Vitor Belfort.

Yves Edwards

Common.. Semmy Schilt??? I don't agree at all with that. However I do agree with Quinton Jackson though, that powerbomb still haunts my memory. Simply Incredible strenght, seems almost impossible.

And lol @ Jungle Tough, I'll have to remember that when describing Wanderlei.


some of those genetic gifts now come in a clear gel.

I'll be a bit more exact. HW- Cro Cop, LHW- Arona, MW- ???????? Cant think of anyone freakishly gifted (genetically), WW- Hughes/GSP LW- Shaolin.

Matt Hughes is freakishly strong and has overpowered and dominated just about all his opponents.

Vitor Belfort has an explosiveness that has yet to be matched in MMA.

GSP looks like he may be the new age Hughes in a few years.

Hughes is not gifted... grow up baleing(sp?) hay and you would be just as powerful as him.

How about Newton?

"How about Newton?"

Absolutely, shit I cant believe I forgot him. The man does not lift weights. His work out is like 1000 sit ups and 500 pushups. No weights (like in a gym), how crazy is that?

Randleman, Sapp, Crocop

If Sapp is one, then so is Royster, look at that guy...

Randleman I'd say, but its not really the genes he was born with.

Suprised nobody mentioned Frank Shamrock yet. He kinda set the standard for super cardio and being a complete fighter.

bob sapp and tank abbott

all you are doing is mentioning the top fighters...

There is no "genetically gifted" some have more potential to be stronger, but are short. Some are tall but have less strength potential. Some are naturally Flexible but are uncoordinated. Some more potential to develope their cardio respiratory system but have less potential stregth.

It all depends, there are no GENETICALLY GIFTED FIGHTERS. Not in MMA, Maybe in just wrestling, or JUST in taekwondo or JUST in boxing, but still in martial arts there are so many variables. In other sports, you may be able to say someone is genetically gifted for the sport, where there are specific attributes to the sport, like powerlifting, or sprinting or people better suited to endurance running. (eg. ratios of fast twich/slow twitch muscle fibres)

But MMA is so diverse and there are so many variables, it is about developing what you do best, adapting your weaknesses as best as you can to have a complete game, and playing your opponent to your strengths.

The fighters you have mentioned simply do this best, with a lot of hard work, and possibly talent.

I say someone is genetically gifted if they can get in great shape quicker than others, and IS better rounded physically (cardio, strength etc etc).

Though this topic gets done quite a bit, it should be entitled "...besides Vitor and Randleman?"

Mike Van Arsdale seems like a freak of athlete. CC showed perhaps the quickest and best adaption of any pure striking background fighter in MMA so far.

no question about this one:

Mike Van Arsdale - he's about 40 something and his physique is amazing. He prolly won the NCAAs on ability.

Just the most amazing athlete to ever step into mma, god only knows why he hasn't won big...

i agree with most of you, esp. in regards to crocop. but sapp i do not. i can not put a guy on a "naturally gifted" list who has failed a steroid test.