Most Hyped Draft Pick?

With so much attention on Crosby this year, I've been wondering who the most hyped draft picks have been since Lemieux was drafted?
My picks:
1)Crosby (2005)
2)Lindros (1991)
3)Lecavalier (1998)
4)Turgeon (1987)
5)Thornton (1997)

Who else? Berard, Daigle?

Daigle is a good one. Bonk was pretty hyped up too.

i would have to go with 1.crosby 2.Daigle and 3.bonk yet to score a goal.

Anyone the leafs have ever drafted.


As a mod, I will officially rule that Mark1 has ended this thread.

laughable reply from Mark, if anything Leaf draft picks have not been hyped nearly enough. Look at Wellwood for instance, gem late round player, written off as too small, and he's out performing every fuckin 1st round selection made in the last 5 years, maybe even 10, though Steen being the exception and one 1st round pick I'd say who has played slightly better then Wellwood, which tells you how good Steen is.

Wellwood by the way, will be the next better more talented version of Yzerman.

WC17, where is that white kid.i think thats his name.

he had a great shot, i thought he would have had a chance to make the team.

Ian White. Talented player, probably be a better version of Rafalski. I assume he is with the Marlies. If he isn't playing he's injured. H's still our property though. A little on the small side, with plenty of development to go, still would be behind a guy like Colaiacovo when it comes to young players looking to push for a sport on the Leafs blueline, but I'd imagine he will get his shot eventually to stick. He is another very under hyped Leaf prospect..

AO was hyped

since lemieux, i think 1)lindros, especially with his refusal to play for the nordiques, his title was 'the next one'. the only ones i remember before him were the great one and the magnificent one.

2)lecavalier, who the owner said was going to be the next lemieux

3)crosby, getting hyped up in the minors and people comparing his play to gretzky's.

4) daigle go some hype, but that was one of the strongest draft years in NHL history, so the publicity was shared. daigle could have been great, if he didn't have celine dionitis, and didn't give up hockey to pursue a music/acting career.

Pat Falloon

''Stevie Y is the best captain to every lace up skates, Wellwood has long way to go before even being mentioned in the same breathe.''

ummmmmm...wayne gretzky?

This thread should have ended when Daigle's name was mentioned, no doubt the most overhyped draft pick ever

Yzerman is the most overrated captain of all time, Gretz and Messier were better captains, Sundin is a better captain, Lindros was a better captain, Stevens was a better captain, Clark was a better captain, Gilmour was a better captain, etc, etc.

"Ahhahahah, oh come on, Lindros was hated by his own teamates in Philadelphia."

Lindros litterally carried that sack of shit franchise to the cup on his back.

Lindros won a cup?

thats as funny as all the other bullshit you sling

carried them to the Cup finals, and had that team been anything beyond the Big E, they would have won the cup, but Eric could only do so much.

When do the Leafs play the fuckin Avs anyways, I cant wait to see the Leafs destroy your precious avs, so I can hear the tune you sing following. I imagine it will be a very quiet tune.

''Ahhahahah, oh come on, Lindros was hated by his own teamates in Philadelphia.''

well... you shouldn't sleep around with your teammate's wives, even if they are dirties.

actually, the best captain of all time on and off the ice is mark messier. i challenge anyone to find anyone who is more dominant in his prime in and out of the locker room.