Most Hyped Fight-don't care about

The most hyped fight I don't care about is F.Shamrock v. Cesear Gracie. I just heard it got postponed again. This is retarded. There are about 5 matches on this upcoming Pride card I would rather see over this fight, they really need to fight or STFU.

i agree its waaaaaaaay too late

I agree.

i'd rather see frank grow some balls and fight real mfighters.I understand money is very improtant but all frank sems to care about is the pay check

all he wants is easy fights 4 lots of money

cesar may be tough but this should be a walk over

frank just wants to keep his rep..frank in the ufc mw division...frank in the 183 ww gp??? NO CHANCE

what fighter wouldnt want that????

chuck,randy,nog,fedor,...NE REAL FIGHTER

FatBuddha vs. The fat girl in Judosize class is the fight I care about the least.

"Chuck, Randy, Nog and Fedor" would all jump at the opportunity if someone offered them twice as much as they make right now for fighting a guy they couldn't possibly lose to.


this thread is horrible. just horrible.