most important judo techn. to know

what is it? if i can only show one sub move to someone it is always the g-tine cause of how common it is. what about judo?


turtle up

that didnt enter my mind but your right.

Because of the time constraints on the ground in Judo, a guillotine is probably not the best move to show.

In Judo, you can essentially "submit" your opponent by completely passing guard and securing a pin such as arm and shoulders or north-south.

I would probably start with solid pins or top position submissions BEFORE teaching submissions from the guard. Another reason for this is because if your opponent is smart and able to lift you off the ground, the ref will stop action even if the person in guard has a sub locked in.

This rule, imo, is a MAJOR downfall of Sport Judo but is designed to prevent slams (player saftey).

Tapping ;)

i mean for self defense

Just a regular hip throw I'd guess... can't remember the proper name. Or maybe O-Goshi, I think...