Most Important Thing to a Fighter?

I have been kicked out of my Gym and it hurts. I've been thinking a lot about what I will do and what was so important to me at that gym.

The biggest thing that comes to mind is my fellow training partners. They are the most important thing to me when it come to training and competing in MMA.

I love you all and thanks

I was wondering if this is the case with most fighters?

Why were you kicked out of your gym? Is your coach BJ Penn or something?

1 to me is getting my girl to accept the fighter lifestyle

hearing the lamentation of the women.

1 to me is getting my girl to accept the fighter lifestyle

That's hard

"Why were you kicked out of your gym?"

Might understand by going to the Thread "THE IFC FOCKED ME"

never thought by making that thread that would happen...

not a bad price

training partners first, a good training facility second.

Yeah that's why I've had insurance for every fight retard.

Mustang....I will blame Paul Smith all I like because he is the reason I'm stuck with the bill and it's clear this is not the first time. And believe me I know that things will only get better for me but I will not go into why.

Aaron is butthurt because he has never been able to work with fighters. I have always gone to bat for him with others around town and that will stop. He has been fake about many things for some time now.

"training partners first, a good training facility second."

"loyalty, support, & pre and post fight lovin from a good woman"

All very important:)

Aaron where were you training before?

Training partners, definetely.


"I heard gina carano say on fight girls, "Go in there and fuck her up" ...and I no lie had my boxers wet w/ precum"


Mustang1966, do I know you?

Proper training partners, that are your friends as well.

Yes I found out the hard way that they might not all be your friends even if they act like they are.