Most impressed with Royce's

composure during a fight. This started when I saw UFC I. I thought this guy wasn't even phased when on the bottom or being hit. I'm not a fighter so I wanted to know if this is a learned reaction from so many fights or is it specifically worked on as a psychological training method? Are there any training methods used by fighters that help enable them to conserve the fight or flight respose(no pun intended). Just curious because this type of training could help fighters and non fighters alike. Thanks.

I think that's just Royce being so well trained and so well prepared by his brothers/father. Training with Rickson, Royler, Renzo, Relson, Carlson and others on a regular basis is what made Royce so successful. Plus, if you ever get to meet him, you'll see that is incredibly humble, very bright and a very patient man. All traits that have helped him to become the successful warrior he is.

he is properly trained, was exposed to this sport since childhood, and the original version of the sport where it was brutal, and violent, lacking rules. He has seen it all and is confident in his ability, the people he surrounds himself with and the venues he fights in, which allows him to have the composure not many others have.

dont think he ever trained with Renzo on a a regular basis or even more than a few times if that but I do agree he is a cool cat under pressure

He never really trained with Renzo, but they have offered each other much moral support.

well, i was wrong about renzo, so substitute Rolker in there for him.

I think a lot of is also has to do with personality- Royce (and Sak) are probably very laid back people.

Whereas, Coleman and Randleman are highly excitably, in and out of the ring it seems.

I believe he did train with Renzo, jean jaques etc..

In the gracie ways their are pictures of all the cousins together,

I could be wrong Jean Jaques and John Machado both say in new book
they trained with Rickson and Carlinos growing up.