Most Influential martial artist?

Who do you think is the most influential martial artist of all time?

Bruce mothaf'n Lee

Daniel Larusso... or possibly Mr Miagi.


 Miyamoto Musashi; read Go Rin No Sho

Dan Inosanto

helio because of rorion

 Bruce Lee.

hulk hogan

Jigoro Kano, Bruce Lee, Royce Gracie


The answer is not just one person.

here's my list (not in any order):

Bruce Lee

Carlos & Helio Gracie

Mas Oyama

Jigoro Kano

Karl Gotch/Billy Robinson

Vasili Oshchepkov

Anatoly Kharlampiev

Muhammad Ali

Sugar Ray Robinson

Dan Inosanto

Van Damme

MauricioG - Van Damme

Fedor/Van Damme gif in 3..2..1..

There is no real answer other than Bruce Lee.

Millions upon millions of people took up Karate, TKD, and many other arts that having nothing to do with Lee, simply because they saw him on the screen and wanted to be able to kick and punch like that.

Kano. Kano took Japanese martial arts and brought them into the modern world, helped make karate mainstream, and grandfathered BJJ. Most Asian martial arts use a modified version of his uniform and ranking system.

Bruce Lee or Helio Gracie

Zedlepln -  Baboo Baby

Where do I get one?

Bruce Lee has inspired more people not only because he was incredible to watch on screen, but his legacy has been around for longer than every other martial arts star.

Rorian Gracie.

Bruce lee is as important in Martial Arts as Spielberg in movies, which means he is very important, but live could go on without him.

Rorian Gracie invented the UFC, which brought martial arts live front and center, as oppose to on screen performance.