Most Loyal Fans?

In your opinion, who has the most loyal fans? I would have to say BJ Penn... Win or Lose, he has an awesome fan base!

Most loyal and delusional; BJ

Wandy fans as well. Not nearly as delusional as BJ fans, but very loyal.

I know we hate them but bisping fans never shut up.. Win or lose Phone Post

Bendo and Carwin fans = dead last. Phone Post

Bisping fans are definitely the most loyal Phone Post

I don't like him, but Bispings up there, and then Chuck and Wandy too......and probably rampage.

Once you become a Bisping fan, you're a Bisping fan for life. Through all the ups and downs we will always be there until he calls it a day. Being a Bisping fan makes you battle hardened to all the whims and fads of MMA fandom.

 Pulver has quite a few loyal fans. It's tough to gauge loyalty until someone hits hard times.

 BJ Fans still think he could beat Fedor

BJ, Diaz, Bisping, Lesnar, etc

 Bisbing fans on the UG are criminally loyal...

and I mean that in a good way :-)

Don't forget Forrest!
But BJ and Diaz are at the top.
I love me some BJ!
ummm... no romo!
Fedor's Pride Fans still think he can beat everyone!

for myself.


UKTT are, without question, the most loyal fans I have ever met in MMA. It's unreal how much they love their fighters. I think, secretly, explodingboy is Bisping's troll account, and Godsavetheqieen is Hardy's. It's the only explanation that makes sense Phone Post

Ha ha, why do you think BJ's fans are delusional?

Wand imo

Uk fighter fans are the most deulsional they think next year a limeys gonna win a title, next year, next year, next year, still waiting Phone Post