Most Memorable Fights... In Person

What are the most memorable MMA matches you had the priveledge of seeing in-person?

Those that will stick with me forever are:

  • Tito vs Shamrock (my guy won)
  • Tito vs Chuck (my guy lost)
  • Tito vs Elvis (my guy lost)
  • Travis Fulton vs Jeremy Bullock
  • Pedro Sauer vs Mr. Utah (Lance Bachelor

A man after my own heart....a real Tito hater. God bless you man.

I saw the Xtreme Challenge 22 dvd. Poor Bullock. Do you know what the extent of his injuries are and if he recovered?

"A man after my own heart....a real Tito hater."

Huh? No, just an Elvis fan. I rooted for Tito over Chuck.

"I saw the Xtreme Challenge 22 dvd. Poor Bullock. Do you know what the extent of his injuries are and if he recovered?"

No idea. Sorry.

The first fight between B.J. Penn and Uno was quite spectacular.

Hughes and St. Pierre was amazing to see live!ALso Trigg and Charuto was a WAR!

The first NHB fight I saw in person was Ron Waterman vs. Andre Roberts. It was cool seeing Waterman pounding on the Big Chief then BOOM, out of nowhere, Waterman gets knocked on his ass.

Baroni-Menne,Penn-Thomas,Crazy Horse-Carney and a few from high school

Yves Edwards -vs- Aaron Riley @ Hook 'N Shoot


leben vs doerkson. maybe the best fight i will ever see.

Henderson/Goes Henderson/Newton Coleman/Pete Williams

All @ UFC 17

I have only seen two shows live--both Jamie Levine shows in Wheeling, WV. Among those, the best fight I've seen was Brandon Lee Hinkle v. Jorge Rivera. A real battle.

Edited to include Tito vs Shamrock. I can't believe I forgot to include that one.

josh neer vs spencer fisher at the VFC

UFC 16 was awesome.

We thought Igor Z. was dead.

"Brandon Lee Hinkle v. Jorge Rivera"

Wow, yeah. Not too many people have seen that one. F'n awesome fight!

I also have to add Riley/Berger, Riley/Edwards, Nogueira/Horn, and Militech/Pele on my list.

John Marsh vs Vladdy.. IFC ...

What a War..

Andy Anderson v John Hess at UFC 5.

Josh Neer vs. Spencer Fisher without question.

I have seen the UFC live, but none of the UFC fights I saw live compared with this fight.

It was a 25 minute WAR with more action than is imaginable!

I have never seen anyone give and take as much punishment as they both did!

They would be pounding each other, and then they would look at the crowd and get them riled up!

It was by far the most action packed exciting fight I have ever seen, and I've seen alot.

This fight made Riley/Lawler look like a slap fight IMHO!!

I lost my voice for over a week from screaming my lungs out at this fight!

All I can say is that Neer and Fisher are some tough mofos and I don't envy any person that has to fight them.....

rampage knocking out this steven segal wanna-be in memphis. the
guy wilted like a friggin cartoon against the ropes.

Scott Spain, sorry I read that bass ackwards.