Most memorable joe rogan quotes (mma)

And risk getting......KNOCKED OUT!!!
during etim vs barboza

"mirko looks tentative though..." you know what's next
"agh look at all that ice" "it's look the three stooges"
Torres vs melvin

Add yours Phone Post

retard control
crackhead control

"Eastmans cut looks like a goats vagina"

"Can't fight the internet " ... when Goldie was promoing his monkeys in space album or whatever it was and Goldie said buy it don't download it... Phone Post

a K1 level striker!

remeber (insert fighters name) has VERY UNDERRATED (enter skill)skillz.

crowbar - "Eastmans cut looks like a goats vagina"

 This is the best ever. He even jokes about that one/

"Check you out."

Rape choke Phone Post



 The whole ice incident had me rolling

Welcome to the Machida era Phone Post

I love the "and risk getting KNOCKED OUT!"

Perfect timing. Phone Post


If this were a video game his health bar would be significantly decreased. Phone Post

"Paulo's/Roller's standup looks very awkward, Koscheck/Tavares looks so much more fluid on his feet."

Cue Koscheck/Tavares immediately getting KTFO! Too funny! Phone Post

crowbar - "Eastman`s cut look`s like a goats vagina"

This was the first thing that came to mind Phone Post


"its over folks"

when he thought some guy was in deep submission only to have guy escape it