Most nauseating game

I have noticed that some people get nauseated when they play certain games.

Back in the day, my friends could play Wolfenstein 3D for hours on end without becoming sick. I would play it for a few minutes (literally) and become severely nauseated.

Now, closing my eyes imaginging the game or hearing a Wolfenstein 3D sound effect will still bring back "fantom nausea".

No other game has done that to me.

Turok before i got used to controlling the view with stick


My younger brother could not handle Forsaken at all. The only thing that ever clipped me was reading in the car.

Aliens vs. Predator playing an alien. Damn that fish eye sight makes me vomit.

i never Got nauseated from games or from using my computer (been using computers since commodore 64s), but im starting to get headaches while using my new laptop taht i got like a week ago.. i hope im not getting radiated and gonna get cancer in a few years or some shit....

Vice City with the "trails" turned on made me kinda dizzy and ill. Very strange as it's never happened before or since.

haha, that happened to me in Call of Duty with the blur from explotions. Someone posted on here about how the game made them sick and I was ready to call them a pussy. I played though and did feel a little nausea set in. I wasn't feeling good before playing so that might have had a part in it but that damn constant blur on the beginning of the russian campagn sucks ass

MMA Monkey, I bet that has something to do with screen flicker. Certain patterns of flashing lights are know to set of migrane headaches in many people.


just sickening

Hahahhaah, why would Turok make you sick over other FPS?

Never had a problem with FPS's. Reading a newspaper in a car has made me crook. After playing mechwarrior 2 for a while I couldn't walk properly when I first got up.

most first person shooters

"Hahahhaah, why would Turok make you sick over other FPS?"

#1 At the time I hadn't played many first person shooters

#2 It was the first one that had one control for looking in all directions, so often before getting used the the controls I would "oversteer" when excited and look too far in the wrong directions, etc. Stomach then starts turning.

Anyways... didn't take long to get used to it but that's the one that comes to mind.

Ha, yeah that took some getting used to for me too. I still meet some people who prefer Turok controls to Goldeneye. I can switch back and worth pretty easily from years of doing so but at first it was quite frustrating.