Most OGers don't know Scotch...

It is the most unique Ardbeg I’ve had, especially at the lower end and I think many who are intimidated by the name Ardbeg or dislike peat would avoid it and they would be making a big mistake.

It is not the best sherried whisky- by a longshot. It is not the best peated whisky- by a longshot.

But the entry level price and a mild dose of both sherry and peat make it a fantastic value at the price point, a good intro to both sherry and peat for those who are not familiar with either, and for those who are familiar with both and like a nice starter drink before moving on to something heavier in either direction.

I love the Ardbeg 10 and really anything else Ardbeg for the record, but I have met many whisky drinkers who simply will not touch a peated whisky and I think they are missing out on something very mild in the Wee Beastie that could open their minds to the higher level offerings.

All I know is Macallen 10 is where it’s at.

Picked up this barrel pick aged in ex Laphroaig barrels.


Seconded. This is the best value-for-money Japanese single malt (in Japan anyway).

I just cracked this one open tonight. Fuck!!! It’s amazing!!! Extremely smooth with a notable vanilla flavor

Inver House

Brought this home yesterday.

Probably one of the most important impressive drams I’ve ever had.


Ladies gotta drink too, I guess.


It’s good but the price these days is ridiculous for what it cost 3-4 years ago.

How much did you pay out of interest?

My favorite
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One of my favorite


No taxes cause Florida “back to school week” (I ain’t complaining)

Yeah it used to be less than $60 4 years ago…

You could probably find it in a 1L bottle too.

I still kick myself for not visiting the distillery… At least I have another reason to visit Aberlour again.

Love Ardbeg, can’t make a bad thing imo. A few years ago me and some other whiskey connoisseurs got together and made our own Ardbeg flute. I’ll see if I can find a picture, it was a great time

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It’s amazing how Ardberg, Lagavulin and Laphroaig can taste so different… The distilleries are within walking distance from each other, they use the same water (same barley too, I believe).

Yet, “details” like the shape of the stills, the peat being hand-cut and the yeast strain can give the final product such a distinct character.


The Dalmore or highland park. Can’t go wrong.

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Trying a new one tonight.


Report back please.

I’m not as into Laphroaig as many seem to be but I heard that quarter cask is good.

Recent good value (between $40 and $100) purchases I’d recommend:

Balblair 2000
Omar bourbon cask
An Cnoc Distilled 2009

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