Most Olympians and World Champs Pride Shock05

Hidehiko Yoshida Naoya Ogawa (Two Judo Olympic champs

Wanderlei Silva Ricardo Arona (3 ADCC championships)

Mark Hunt Mirko Filipovic (Former and future K1 GP champs)

Dan Henderson Murilo Bustamante (Olympic silver in wresting and a world champ in BJJ)

Fedor Emelianenko Zuluzinho (Multiple time combat sambo world champ)

Aleksander Emelianenko Pawel Nastula (combat sambo world champ vs Olympic Judo gold medalist)

Sanae Kikuta defeats Makoto Takimoto (ADCC champ and a Judo Olypmian (medal winner?)

Kazuhiro Nakamura defeats Yuki Kondo

4 Judo Olympic medalists
2 ADCC champs
2 K1 GP champs
2 Combat Sambo world champs
1 BJJ world champ
1 Greco Roman olympic silver medalist

Don't think Henderson got Olympic silver. Matt Lindland did get silver though. Phone Post 3.0

Yep, Hendo didn't medal in the Olympics, but he won gold at Pan-Ams.

Ogawa won gold at Worlds, and silver at '92 Olympics.

Still, pretty amazing collection of talent at that show.

You sure crocop won a k1 gp? I thought he was a pretty average k1 guy Phone Post 3.0

He won this year, believe it or not. The final was in Croatia. It was a show called "K-1 Grand Prix" anyway :)

Re: the glory days of K-1, Cro Cop reached the finals in '99 I believe, so I wouldn't say he was "average." He was always a bad dude.