Most OverRated Player Ever???

Who's your pick for most over rated player ever?  I gotta go with Cal Ripken.  Sure he played like 9000 games in a row but he really wasn't a great hitter.  He only got 3000 hits because of his lengthy career.  Let's hear who else should be on the list.

Jeff Bagwell.

I was watching the Yankee game last night and the poll result for the three overrated players were: Jeter, Beltran and A-Rod

Don't know how the poll was made though.

Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko, Jim Thome, Joe Crede, Mark Buerhle

roberto clemente

jackie robinson, ozzie smith. joe mays.

this thread is teh suck

Beltran is overated. A-Rod is the best player alive right now.(although Pujols is catching him.)Jeter is a great hustler but is below average @ SS. Not much power for a position that has become one of the premire power positions in baseball. As for most overated....I'd go with Mark Prior. Might change my mind if he could ever get some decent mechanics so he'd stop tearing up his arm.

One of the commentators said Jeter is probably the most popular player but it doesn't mean that he is the best not is he overrated.

Kerry Wood

Von frickin Hayes

The Phils traded five players for of them being Julio Franco.


A-Rod the best player alive? Pujols has already caught and passed him in most people's minds, don't care which teams they both play for.

Jackie Robertson, Fucking Overrated Derek Jeter

lol@cal ripken

right...Cal ripken was the best shortsop in the game for a VERY VERY LONG TIME!!!!!

lol @ Pujols being on the level of A-Rod

Offensively maybe, but that's it.

so therefore, A-Rod is still the best player in the bigs

Pujols isn't a liability defensively, and I don't think a-Rod could do the same as Pujols has done with the cards. are kidding right...arod has done what he is doing now with seattle and with texas...AS A SHORTSTOP!!!!!

lol @ shortstop being a "premier power position"

A-Rod is light years ahead of Pujols defensively. Far more agile, a much more complete athlete for a baseball player. What's Pujols' most stolen bases in a season? 1? How many gold gloves?

Also, out of Pujols' current 18 home runs, not even 5 of them are to the opposite field. (i don't know how many are, but ryan howard leads the league with 5 opposite field home runs). A-Rod has the most opposite field home runs since he entered the AL of any other player in the league.