Most popular PRIDE fighter ever?

In your opinion who is the most popular PRIDE FC fighter ever? Arguments can be made for many fighters like Vanderlei Silva, Quinton Jackson, Hidehiko Yoshida, Mark Kerr (At one point in time.) as being the most popular fighter in PRIDE ever. In my opinion it is none other than Kazushi Sakuraba "The Gracie Hunter".

I would have to agree. Everyone loved to argue whether Sak could beat this or that Gracie. I always waited for a Sak/Rickson fight, but it was not to be. I still think Sake would have had a good shot against Rickson, he knew how to beat the Gracie family. Sak gets my vote.

My vote would be for Sak for sure,followed pretty closely by Vanderlei. Even with 3 losses against Silva, Sak has given us more great fights and been such an entertaining fighter both inside the ring and outside in interviews,he's probably got my #1 vote inside or outside of Pride, with a lot of respect to many other fighters. The guy is a true warrior and a hoot!


bob sapp for a short time


Have to give Shoji some credit for being in 20 pride events

The most popular AND my favorite PRIDE fighter ever.... Sakuraba. For Sure :)



According to fans in Japan? Saku for sure! Here on the UG? Looks like Sakuraba. To Me. Gotta be Kazushi.



Don't be to quick to put Takada on the list. Remember he was getting booed at the end. (at one stage of course he was huge)


all of you are discounting the japanese fans which are the most numerous kakutougi fans in the world.

most popular was nobuhiko takada

second most popular is kazushi sakuraba

Sakuraba, easily.

probably guy mezger