Most racist group in America?

I’d like to bring up the point here that I get beaten up every Friday night by.a group of about 20 Asian fellows. Happened for almost 2 years now. My man Hector knows how to throw a head kick.

Just chiming in to say I joined a primarily Asian membership Muay Thai gym (some white, some black, mostly Asian) and it’s been awesome. Guys have become friends.

Pretty sure it’s not racial that I get a beating, but that I am a good punching bag. Honestly just wanted to mention that being from Boston, and not believing the Boston is racist lie, this group of guys has never been anything but awesome to me (as well as my son).

I think color does not really exist in most places. I might have been under informed when younger, maybe scared to try Muay Thai because of the social shit. Zero racism there at gym, and it’ just feels like how everywhere should be.

If you have racist tendencies, join a gym. Everyone becomes a friend when trading shots to get better.

Whites are the least racist.

Jews on the other hand have an exclusive religion with them as the chosen people (which is grotesquely unique), their own ethnostate where courts rule in favour of genetic jews, which they can also test for when applying for citizenship. US jews come from all political directions but they all shill for the brutal, criminal (run by literal criminals) regime which treats the ethnic population like animals. When they get away with it, the segregate into secluded neighbourhoods with their own police and health care (eg NY).
90% of “racism this, racism that” comes from jewish newspaper articles, jewish profs and jew led universities. They openly admit they live best in large multiethnic nations which is why they transform every host nation into a cesspool, be it France or South Africa. Most of what your read about racism has been tactically deployed by a racist cabal who do the exact opposite of what they preach.



The poll results are accurate

Not a bad take

Blacks, EVERYTHING is racist.

Yoga, math, science, college placement, job placement, schools, hair styles, etc…


It’s no wonder blacks are considered the most racist, MSM, big tech, politicians and civic leaders are all telling them to be. If you put enough chum in the water, even docile sharks will go into a feeding frenzy.

What’s sad is they can’t see white liberals are motivating them into the exact behavior they want. This plan of theirs only works if blacks hate whites and Asians and attack them which results in whites and Asians hating blacks and creating actual racism between the groups. Same goes for the LGTBQ, keep pushing their agenda down our throats to the point we resent them, speak out about it and then it’s another self fulfilling prophecy.

If you moved into a new house and the neighbor on one side who you trusted constantly told you how much the neighbor on the other side hated you and then told that neighbor how much you hated them, you guys would likely end up enemies. That’s what white liberals are doing right now with conservative whites, blacks and Asians. If we ever united, white liberals would be screwed.

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