Most stacked card of 2021, 268 vs 269

268 recently added Hawes vs Curtis and 269 just added Emmett vs Ige. This is what I love about the UFC when they stack a PPV card, these fights would be main events in PFL/Bellator but on a stacked UFC card they are just one of 14 fights.

So which card does the UG like more?

UFC 268 Quick Card


UFC 269 Quick Card

UFC 268 for me.

Usman vs Colby is the rematch we’ve been wanting for a year + now
No one really cares to see Amanda crush another 2-2 female BW.

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@BJ_Penn_Forever, good question. Moving this to the sites front page.

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Both about the same as far as stacked, but Usman/Colby 2 is a fight I want to see most right now. Bummer the Rockhold fight fell off.

Both cards areTHICK with great fighters. SOLID mix of good match ups. My butt is TIGHT with anticipation

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