Most successful UFC fighter, post signs of CTE?

It’s 100% got to be Stipe, no?

Sounds like a different guy here (clear, easy to understand), after his first UFC fight:

This is painful to see/listen to:

Andre Arlovski. His eyes are just dead now.

Andre should. Same with Overeem. I don’t think either have slurred speech, right? For example, Chuck seems drunk in every interview (post Nyquil incident).

I think being Russian, the symptoms don’t stand out.

Dern is by far the worst, punched the English straight out of her.


Dern has CTE – Choosing To Engrish.


He sounds like chuck

Wars with hunt and a juiced up bigfoot took a toll.
Pretty sure he had a speech impediment to begin with.

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I don’t remember Stipe being in too many wars and people always complained that he barely ever fought.

Does he spar too hard? Hit his head a lot fighting fires?

I remember reading studies showing some people super prone to CTE while others could run head first into a brick wall 10x/day and never really develop it.

If Stipe’s speech is from CTE he is definitely on the prone side of that equation.

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Not CTE related, jus dumb
BrainDum Schaub


Yikes he is sounding even rougher now than I last heard him.

Anyone can watch that first video and compare the way clearer speech patterns to that punch drunk sounding second vid.

They aren’t mutually exclusive you can have CTE and be dumb lol and if you are boys with Rogan you can have CTE, be dumb, and also be successful post fighting. Still time for Bapa to fuck it all up but I thought of him too reading this thread as he has had a ton of opportunities post fighting whether deserved or not.

Stipe How Do You Win This Fight?

Stipe " Garble, Garble, Garble"


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Saw a recent clip with frank mir and rampage, they’re both still sharp despite taking some bad beatings over the years. Its interesting.

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Rogan was talking on his podcast recently about how scientists have found that depending on the persons genes that there are some that make some people more susceptible to CTE than others. So it’s not necessarily how much damage a person has sustained overall but also can be if they are more predisposed or resistant to it.


Jones is going to end his career I think. I’m a bit worried for him