Most talented all-round musician

Prince. I know, I know, most of u think he's a fayg and all...but as musicians, u can't deny his incredible talent.


Actually, before I even opened the thread I thought of Prince as well...

I'm sure there are people that are more proficient at more instruments than him, but I'm hard pressed to come up with any off the top of my head. No doubt, Prince has some amazing skills, both as a musician and songwriter. The small amount of Prince in my CD collection is a source of shame.

Ian Anderson:

He sings, plays the flute, plays the guitar, plays bass, plays a bunch of other assorted instruments, writes awesome music, plus is insane to watch on stage.

Paul McCartney is darn good on a lot of instruments too.

John Paul Jones-10,12,4,6 string bass,tripleneck,bass electric & acoustic mandolins,Kyma,bass lap steel,acoustic and electric guitar,organ,piano,synth,koto,ukelele,producer,arranger,writer and performer.

Those interested should pick up his first solo rec.,"Zooma".

I defy Jimmy Page to come up with anything remotely as original as what ol' J.P. is cooking up these days.

i too thought of prince as soon as i read the thread title.

I thought of Prince as well. Though I often take his multi-instrument talent for granted because of the way everybody talks about it. I'm not a fan, so I haven't really heard much of it. Just singing, keys, and guitar that I know of. I don't know what instruments he plays. Does he really play that many, or is he counting things like tamborine and triangle? Where can I hear him play something impressive that's not on a guitar or keyboard?

beck is pretty talented, for a freakazoid

Is all-around musician equated with being a multi-instrumentalist?

A guy like Wynton Marsalis can play jazz and classical extremely well (this is NOT a nomination, but just an illustration). Seems to me that's "all around" type, too. Or someone who can play, improvise, and through-compose really well...

by all-around, I don't mean that one must play a gazillion instruments, but should be able to play several instruments, in several styles, as well as composing, producing and arranging. and for female musicians, gotta be hot too LOL (Nelly Furtado comes to mind).


thats what I say...but remember, this is the OG :)


to check out some of Prince's best works, I suggest you search for bootlegs instead of his released stuff. His live shows and rehearsals where he just jams with his band are mindblowing!


"don't understand how anyone could think prince is a fayg with all the hotties he has had.."He's one of those rare hetrosexual fags. He's not actually gay, but watch his Raspberry Berret or Kiss video. He's a fag that only sleeps with women. I know, I know... How can this be, you ask. I have no idea. It just is.

I haven't heard much of his stuff, but I think Moby's quite talented too. Plays multiple instruments and crosses many stylistic boundaries.

i think ddog is correct about prince's fayginess. I just heard little red corvette on the radio this morning - Prince is an amazing songwriter.

Prince wrote little red corvette in 5 minutes. he thought he'd throw in one commercial sounding track on the 1999 album. the guy knows how to write hit songs...but he just choose to be continually experimental (except for that period when he was trying to be hip hop/R&B and having rappers in his band...that was wack).

LOL! @ "Everyone on this thread has forgotten Phil Collins. Probably a tad better than Prince in terms of dynamics"

roy clark - guitar - bass - sings - banjo - uke - mandolin - fiddle

wayne newton - all the above and piano

charley daniels - same as roy plus dobro

Phil Collins not a weirdo?OK...I'll grant him Brand X,but how do you explain Collins,post ABACAB?Great drummer,but suffers from "Please,like me" syndrome.