Most talented all-round musician

Mark O`Conner

Even Phil admits that he can't play the "flippity dippity" beats from his Brand X days.Awfully big of him to admit,really.

Fans of Phil's playing might want to check for Brand X's "Unorthodox Behaviour",and "Moroccan Roll" with Percy Jones on bass.Top notch 70's jazz/rock.

A buddy of mine knows Phil's son,Simon,who lives here in Van.Heard that Phil told his last wife that he was divorcing her via the Internet.All business,that guy.No,you can't hurry love.

Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Sam Bush and other 'newgrass'
musicians are pretty incredible, too.

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Steve Vai's pure musical talent is really amazing

tj tapper

Vai's pure musical common sense on the other hand...Sorry,had to say it!

Don't mean to be a meanie.The Attitude Song changed me.Vai as a sideman is tops,ex. Roth,PIL,Zappa.It's just that I've always expected more from him,solo wise.I shouldn't "expect" things from anybody,I realize.

I've sometimes thought Vai's solo stuff was "cool" in one way or another, some technical thing he did (like imitating the speech of the distraught girl on 'Flex-Able') but often musically dull as can be. I haven't thought much more of what I've heard of Satriani or Howe or any number of other virtuosi. Maybe I just haven't heard "the right things".

Satriani sure looks a whole lot like Buckethead from a distance these days,on posters,etc.Coincidence or a smart business move on behalf of Satch?

It would be funny if buckethead was, in fact, Neil Young.

Prince is correct!

Garth Brooks is Chris Cornell,Buckethead is Jimmy "Supa-Fly" Snooka.Snooka is Kimo.The mystery is solved!

Sting can do it all, all styles and heaps of instruments...Jazz, funk, punk, reggae, hip hop...anything. oh yeah he is the man.

and maybe for guitars Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine...but of course there is always the Hendrix and Satrianis of the world...but Tom is really cool.

Kid Rock is also a well rounded musician

Tom Morello is got his shit from steve stevens.

Dave Matthews??? Kinda varried...

Fela Anikulapao Kuti.