Most Talented at every weight....

Who do you think are the most talented guys at each weight. Not based on their careers. Just based on their talent/potential. Here's my list of guys that had (have) trememndous talent at their various weights.

Heavy: Fedor, Big Nog

Light Heavy: Silva, Vitor

Middleweight: Sak, Frank Shamrock

Welterweight: Hughes, Penn

Lightweight: Penn, Sakurai

lol @ Vitor

just lol

lol @ Silva and Vitor @ LHW. My picks would be Shogun and either Liddell or Couture.

Decent list. The man said talent potential so he does have a point about Vitor. The guy looked to have great potential.

I would add Aoki to WW though.

I hear there's this Canadian kid who's pretty good at
welterweight...George something or another.

At LWH, I don't think you can argue with Shogun...

The skillset that guy has shown in MMA? He's young too, ain't he?

How about Frankie Edgar at LW? The amount of different skills that guy showed? He's newish to MMA too, isn't he?


Hominick FW

and LOL at these clowns being mentioned at WW. WW is still St Pierre division. he is hands down the most talented guy at that weight. hands down.

LW ----Penn